children's railway

189194_fortepan_211316_1979_eth_zurich.jpg Nearly one hundred and eighty buildings would come under local protection in the capital, according to a draft According to a new draft, the Budapest local council would place mainly the residential houses built between 1945 and 1980, including residential houses in Budavár, two housing estates, two former party houses and a workers' hostel. The proposal for the Budapest General Assembly lists the buildings to be preserved in nine pages, the nearly 180-item list includes the Hilton Hotel in Budavár, the main building of the Southern Railway Station, and a number of modern buildings in several districts, including downtown after the war.
Metro escalator tested in Hűvösvölgy terminus of the Children's Railway An escalator transported passengers for a few years from May 1956 at the Hűvösvölgy terminus of the Children's Railway. It was built as a kind of test. Its primary purpose was not to ensure the comfort of the passengers on the Children's Railway, then called the Pioneer Railway, but to educate the operators and users. At the time, the Budapest metro was already under construction, and the escalator needed testing too.

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