Frankel Leó Road

196448_316689485_6107490912597358_2730342855155266661_nnyit.jpg Our House, Our Street - The area around Frankel Leó Road, as seen by Koreans The exhibition that opened yesterday at the Korean Cultural Centre at 30-34 Frankel Leó Road in the 2nd District presents Frankel Leó Road in the 2nd District and its surroundings with nearly 200 archival images, periodical newspaper articles and blueprints. With the exhibition "Our House, Our Street" - by introducing the local history of the host country - the Koreans, as they said, want to build bridges between the two nationalities, hoping that the visitors will get closer to Korean culture.
The foundation stone of the synagogue in Újlak was laid 135 years ago When the synagogue on Frankel Leó Road - then Zsigmond Street - was built, it was referred to as the Jewish church in Újlak. Its designer was Sándor Fellner, the creator of the Ministry of Finance in Buda Castle. The synagogue in the 2nd District is no longer seen as it was at the time of its construction since it has since been surrounded by a residential building.

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