193840_293619666_356241936686514_3358259179099925257_n.jpg The Nelson Mandela Park on Gellért Hill was handed over Although many people protested against it earlier, the Nelson Mandela Park was handed over on the northern slope of Gellért Hill, in the area between the Philosophers' Garden and Hegyalja street. The Capital City local council timed the handover to the 104th birthday of the first colored president of the Republic of South Africa.
A monument is being erected to those deported to forced labor in Sashalom A monument is erected for those deported from Sashalom to forced labor, Malenkij robot, in the 16th district Sashalmi promenade. From here they set out in January 1945 and were deported from the district to the internment camps of the Soviet Union. The first piece of the sculpture group consisting of 5 + 1 stations will be inaugurated on the day of the event.
A park would be created on the site of the former US military cemetery in Sasad A park would be created on Budaörsi Road, on the site of the former US military cemetery. The exact functions are still under discussion, including the possibility of an external exhibition area, which has many valuable shrubs and mature trees.
New World War II memorial to be built in 12th District – Turul Statue not to be renamed A new World War II memorial will be built in the 12th District near Városmajor Church. The statue may be finished this year. The tender announced for the project closes this month. The mayor of the 12th District, Zoltán Pokorni. is likely to recommend that the Turul Statue in the district not be reclassified as a World War I memorial, but that it stand with a detailed explanatory board about its symbolism and history.
The Székely national anthem was first played in Budapest – Memorial plaque unveiled on the lyricist's home While many Hungarians know the lyrics to the Székely national anthem, while the work written soon after the Treaty of Trianon was signed quickly became symbolic of Hungarian unity, few know the name of the writer who originally wrote the lyrics: György Csanády. To honour the writer's memory, born 125 years ago, a memorial plaque has been unveiled on the 12th-district house he lived in.

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