186212_3_1_2_.jpg A place already loved by the Romans - Discover the Roman Beach with Pestbuda If swimming or eating 'lángos' means relaxation, people usually think of Lake Balaton as a destination. However, Roman Beach offers a similar opportunity in Budapest. The first legal public Danube beach in the capital opened here in the summer of 2021 - after a long break. But the Roman Beach is much more than that. The area is the only place offering a real waterfront experience along the Danube section of Budapest, its special milieu captivates the visitors. If someone really wants to get to know the five-kilometre beach, get ready for a multi-hour trip as Pestbuda reporters did. Take a closer look at the beach with the author.
The last swamp in Buda may become an eternal forest A questionnaire is being used to assess people's position on the development of the last swampy area of Buda, the protected Mocsárosdűlő. The Budapest City Council hopes to create an eternal forest by planting native tree species in the area. The council is waiting for opinions primarily on the function of the area by 5 May.

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