Napóleon Kéler

188666_fortepan_82255-ortepan_budapest_fovaros_leveltara._leveltari_jelzet_hu.bfl.xv.19.d.1.05.200.jpg Disaster tourists in the 19th century - Crowds gathered to the cry of unfortunate construction workers in Ferenciek Square After the unification of the city, construction works in Budapest started at a dizzying pace, huge, multi-storey houses were erected in a few months, but accidents on construction sites were rare. One of these happened during the construction of the Ferenciek Bazaar, when a falling wall buried eight workers. At the wailing of the injured, the people of Pest flooded the area in no time. Our reminiscent article gives an insight into how the authorities dealt with construction accidents in the 19th century.

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