Saint Stephen's Hall

183934_roskovics7nyit.jpg Painter of saints and kings – Twelve works by Ignác Roskovics adorned Saint Stephen's Hall Ignác Roskovics was one of the popular painters of the last decades of the 19th century and the turn of the century. Among the ecclesiastical and historical works that define his oeuvre, the twelve paintings made for the St. Stephen's Hall in Buda Castle stand out, based on which ceramic paintings were made in the Zsolnay factory. The works, ten of which depict the most important kings and saints of the House of Árpád, and two depict scenes from the life of St. Stephen, will be on display again from 20 August in the recreated St. Stephen's Hall.
Unique ceiling and parquet of Saint Stephen's Hall recreated The construction of Saint Stephen's Hall in the southern connecting wing of the Royal Palace of Buda Castle has entered a new phase. According to the announcement from Várkapitányság, the spectacular ceiling and parquet have been installed, and most of the custom furniture has also been completed. The next task will be to recreate the lavish wall covering
Facade of southern connecting wing restored according to original plans – Royal Palace of Buda stands in its original splendour During the reconstruction of the Buda Castle, the original, turn-of-the-century condition of the southern connecting wing has been restored. Várkapitányság has announced, the southern facade of the building was rebuilt according to the original plans, as has the northern facade facing the Lion's Court. After the restoration of the internal spaces, the interior design of Saint Stephen's Hall also started a few weeks ago.
Zsolnay fireplace in Saint Stephen's Hall now being built The largest Zsolnay fireplace in the country, weighing nearly one and a half tons, is now being built in the Saint Stephen's Hall of the Royal Palace of Buda Castle. Hungarian artisans, including representatives of disappearing crafts, took part in the re-creation of the 611-piece ceramic fireplace. The historical hall will be open to the public on August 20.
Zsolnay fireplace of Szent Stephen's Hall to be installed soon One of the most beautiful ornaments of the first reconstructed historical hall of Buda Castle will be the more than 2.5 meters wide and 4.5 meters high ceramic fireplace, made by the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory in Pécs. Experts worked on the reconstruction of a masterpiece for five years. The fireplace is made up of 611 pieces, for which nearly a kilogram of 24-carat gold was used. The reborn Saint Stephen's Hall will be opened to the public on 20 August.
Six months to go – Saint Stephen's Hall ever closer to (re)completion On 20 August, the first reconstructed ornate hall of the Royal Palace of Buda Castle will open to the public. Saint Stephen's Hall has the most lavish representative space of the turn of the century, housing several unique artistic and applied artistic solutions. The structure of the rebuilt Southern Connecting Wing of the Royal Palace is now complete, internal work will begin in the coming days.

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