University of Theatre and Film Arts

181160_urania_az_urania_fohomlokzata._foto_both_balazsnyito.jpg From Venice to Moorish ornaments – Uránia National Film Theatre turn 125 An iconic building in Budapest and one of the most important works in the oeuvre of the architect Henrik Schmahl has served Hungarian culture and entertainment for 125 years. The unique building with Moorish ornamentation is home to both the Uránia National Film Theatre and the University of Theater and Film Arts. The structure will now be given a new function. With the closing of the Ódry Stage, it will become a theatre for student productions. However, this article will offer a deep dive into the history of this marvellous building and its place in Budapest, rather than the details of a complex reorganisation.
University of Theater and Film Arts opens new campus on Mészáros Street The Zsigmond Vilmos Institute of Motion Picture Arts will move into the newly renovated former headquarters of Duna TV on Mészáros Street in the 1st District. Students are expected to begin using the campus in February. The University organised a press tour of the new facilities.
New buildings of University of Theatre and Film Arts revealed From February, the University of Theatre and Film Art will continue work in new, renovated and modern educational facilities and new names for its institutes — the university's leadership has announced.
Building of the University of Theatre and Film Arts was once owned by the YMCA The buildings of Budapest hide many secrets. At times, the city can even surprise those who have been researching the history of its buildings for years. In many cases, plaques placed on facades commemorate or highlight interesting details from their history. One such plaque can be found on the facade of 2/C Vas Street, the building of the University of Theatre and Film Arts. The text encourages passers-by to dig a little deeper into the structure's history, by noting that a church once stood within the walls.

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