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2021. november 20. 17:00
95 years ago today, on 20 November 1926, the mechanically cooled skating rink in City Park was handed over. Thanks to the artificial ice, the season has been extended, allowing ice skating even when the temperature does not drop below zero degrees. The one in City Park was the first artificial ice surface in the country and the second in Europe.
2021. május 4. 14:00
The pedestal of the Mária Immaculata memorial column in Mária Square in the 1st district is being restored. The upper part of the work, along with the statue, was restored last year.
2020. november 12. 14:00
The government has submitted its proposal to name Királydomb (lit., 'hill of the king') in Rákosmező a national memorial site. Found in present-day Kőbánya along the Rákos Stream, the field once hosted national diets and the elections of Kings. The area is under threat of being built up.
2020. november 8. 17:30
A new ice skating rink is to be built in Buda, within the castle walls in front of the local mayor's office. Parking on the square will be suspended.