On 10 November, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén submitted a bill seeking to name Királydomb in Rákosmező a national memorial site, expanding the list of 19 sites on the list with Királydomb.

"Királydomb, the scene of meetings that altered Hungarian history, is in danger of being forgotten and built up," reads the explanatory memorandum of the bill.

The text also emphasises that "naming the location a national memorial is justified to preserve its unique importance to the nation's past and its memory among Hungarians."

The bill draws attention to the fact that Rákos Field was once a symbol of Hungarian sovereignty and national representation. It served as the location of national diets, the election of kings, and other important decisions from the Árpád Era onwards.

Pest and Buda as seen from Rákos Field in 1829 (Drawn by János Hofbauer, engraved by Eduard Gurk) (Photo: Wikipedia)

"The traditional location of national diets in Medieval Hungary, Rákosmező holds a unique position in the parliamentary and constitutional history of Hungary. National gatherings where held Rákos Field as early as the Árpád Era, mainly to elect kings or to gather the banners. Thus the area was a political centre of the country. It is here hat Ladislaus IV was elected king, and in the Jagellonian Era, the Diet of Rákosmező became the permanent national assembly where national decisions were reached with the presence of the nobility. The Decree of Rákos Field was also adopted in the area, which became a staple of Hungarian history, stating that Hungarians would not accept a ruler from a foreign family. Over the centuries Rákos Field became a symbol of Hungarian sovereignty and national representation"

– reads the proposal.

The proposal applies to the area bordered by Nagyicce Steet, Pilisi Street and Dorogi Street in the 10th District of Budapest, which is currently owned by the Kőbánya Local Council. The west side of the hill has been filled with houses, while the east remains unpopulated. The memorial will be erected here.

Királydomb in Kőbánya was once the meeting place of the national diet (Photo: patriotak.hu)

A 20th line reading Királydomb in Rákosmezőbudaperst, 10th District, topographical number 42717 will be added to Annex 2 of Act LXIV of 2001 on the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The unworthy condition of Királydom was highlighted by the Society of Hungarian Patriots, which released an animated short film about the area in the summer. They proposed that a memorial should be built on the site rather than it being parcelled and built up. It seems they may achieve their goal, as the National Assembly is expected to vote on the proposal this year.

Cover photo: Drone photograph of the undeveloped eastern side of Királydomb (Photo: patriotak.hu)