On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of János Neumann, an exhibition presenting the relics of the family of the world-famous mathematician can be seen from 31 March in the hall of the Budapest-Fasori Lutheran Secondary School. The collection, which contains many rarities, can be viewed by the public five times until the end of April 2023 at János Neumann's former alma mater - it can be read in the MTI news.

Budapest-Fasori Lutheran Secondary School nowadays (Photo: Balázs Both/pestbuda.hu)

János Neumann (Source: njszt.hu)

The exhibition presenting the Neumann milieu, an interconnected system of paintings, graphics, photos, furniture, and objects presents the art-supporting spirit of the noble bourgeois family at the turn of the century. The interior is complemented by a row of panels from the Neumann Society about the career of the world-famous scientist. The paintings and relics come from the collection of interior designer György Selmeczi, based on his research, visitors can get to know the world of the art-loving Neumann Family.

Interior showing the Neumann milieu at the exhibition of the Neumann Society in the hall of the Budapest-Fasori Lutheran Secondary School (Photo: Judit Sárai/Óbuda University)

In the galleries located in the hall of the secondary school, in addition to the original relics of industrial art value from the house of János Neumann's parents and grandparents, people can also view faithful copies of the documents from the Neumann Society's IT history exhibition in Szeged.

After the exhibition, the series of paintings presenting the life and work of János Neumann can be seen at the Neumann Technikum of BSZMC in Budapest, and then at the János Neumann Faculty of Informatics of Óbuda University as part of the Night of the Museums event series. In addition, during the year, it will be seen in several rural towns, such as Tatabánya, Balassagyarmat, Szombathely, Eger, and Veszprém, in schools and other educational and cultural institutions bearing the Neumann name.

The exhibition presenting the Neumann milieu and the Neumann Society's panels, which are travelling around the country (Photo: Judit Sárai/Óbuda University)

The Neumann milieu memorial exhibition can be viewed a total of five times (31 March, and 14, 15, 21, 22 April) after prior registration at the secondary school secretariat (titkarsag@fasori.hu). Detailed information on the events of the 2023 memorial year can be found on the website www.neumann120.hu.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The opening of the Neumann milieu commemorative exhibition in the secondary school's hall (Photo: Erzsébetváros Facebook page)


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