Ábraham Ganz

196664_ganz-mauzoleum-10-hpgy-1024x683.jpg The death of Ábrahám Ganz caused a shock - He was the godfather of 64 factory workers' children, who all inherited Ábrahám Ganz, the respected manufacturer from Buda, committed suicide 155 years ago, on 15 December 1867. The Ganz Factory, barely more than 20 years old, was at the peak of its success, and Ganz himself was a recognised citizen of Buda. With his death, he left a huge void, as he had no heir who could have taken over the family business. However, the factory survived and rose to incredible heights.
András Mechwart, who made the Ganz Factory great, passed away 115 years ago András Mechwart died 115 years ago, and he created the Ganz Factory, a company that has defined Hungarian industry for decades, from a company of a few hundred people. Originally, the main factory was located in Buda, in the area between today's Bem József Street and Ganz Street, from where it expanded to Kacsa Street, Fény Street, and then to its Pest sites. The memory of the factory is preserved today by the Ábrahám Ganz Foundry Collection at 20 Bem József Street, and posterity pays tribute to András Mechwart with the 2nd District square named after him and the bust shown here.
The brilliant Kálmán Kandó – One of Hungary's greatest design engineers Kálmán Kandó, the enormously talented design engineer of Ganz Works, died ninety years ago. High-efficiency generators, transformers and electric motors were the results of his work. His efforts made electric power much more efficient.

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