Bartók Béla Road

197776_fischer.jpg The father of the Lágymányos residential houses, architect József Fischer was born 150 years ago Architect József Fischer was one of the important creators of the large-scale residential house constructions that began at the beginning of the 20th century. His buildings still define the image of Lágymányos. If people walk from the direction of Szent Gellért Square on Bartók Béla Road towards Móricz Zsigmond Square, or walk over to Budafoki Road, from here they turn into Zenta Street, they can see several residential houses that he listed. He designed around 25 houses in the capital, most of which are still standing today. Pestbuda now commemorates József Fischer, who was born 150 years ago.
A new bridge in the heart of the 11th District A rail bridge has crossed above the intersection of Tétényi Road – Bartók Béla Road and Karolina Road in the 11th District for 71 years. In connection to the development of the Southern Ring Railway, a longer and wider railway overpass is being built. The goal is to convert the newly gained space underneath into an urban plaza, with trees and greens, and ample room for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport passengers to move through freely.
A street of celebrities – Writers, painters and inventors once lived along Bartók Béla Road There is a part of Budapest where a car factory, a barracks, university halls of residence, and the entirety of Hungarian literary life in the inter-war years lived peacefully side-by-side. All within 100 metres of each other. A small section of a wonderful road with wonderful places: the stretch of Bartók Béla Road between Szent Gellért [Saint Gerard] Square and the Körtér.

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