National Theater

194392_cms-blahalujzater_22.jpg After renovation, the theater memorial stone returned to Blaha Lujza Square After the restoration work was completed, the memorial stone of the theater was placed in its place on Blaha Lujza Square. The monument marking the site of the former National Theater was inaugurated in December 1973, exactly 100 years after the foundation stone of the National Theater was laid.
The demolished buildings of Budapest can be seen in motion They come to life in motion. The buildings were destroyed during World War II or demolished after 1945. The old National Theater, the Industrial Hall, the former Elizabeth Bridge and Tabán, among others, come to life in the pictures taken using selected photos from the collection of the Fortepan archives.
Trianon of Hungarian Theaters - A Monument to the Disintegrated Hungarian Theater Life The National Theater commemorates the Hungarian theatrical life, which has been torn apart for more than a hundred years, with the sculpture The Trianon of Hungarian Theaters. The work of István Horváth Böjte will be inaugurated on Saturday in front of the theater building in Hajóorr.
The statue of the writer Ferenc Herczeg was inaugurated A bust of Ferenc Herczeg, the most popular writer of the period between the two world wars, who was the first Hungarian writer to be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature, was erected in the building of the National Theater. He was exiled from Hungarian literature after the Second World War, and his works were republished only after the change of regime. The work of sculptor Mária Törley now commemorates Ferenc Herczeg.

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