2022. április 12. 09:00
The characteristic building of the Lázár Vilmos Elementary School in Pesterzsébet easily attracts attention. Although it is quite out of the capital's flow due to its location, it is closely connected to the high architectural culture of Budapest due to its designer: this is also the work of Jenő Lechner, the designer of the Vienna Gate in Buda Castle and the Jókai Tomb, who finalised the plans on 11 April 1916, exactly 106 years ago.
2021. szeptember 27. 16:00
The Reformed Church of Togetherness in Pesterzsébet-Szabótelep was consecrated, the foundation stone of which was laid on September 23, 2018, and construction began in 2019. A 20th district building is the first church in Budapest, which is based on the ideas of Imre Makovecz. the details of the plans were worked out by Tamás Dósa-Papp, the student of the world-famous architect. The church also has a congregation house and a parish.