195144_ariz1.jpg The Levente Riz Sports and Events Centre has opened in Rákosmente Built next to the Néppark in the 17th District, the 6,000-square-metre, two-story sports and event centre provides opportunities to play sports, attend cultural events, and meet. The community space was named after the late head of the district, Mayor Levente Riz.
A swallow settlement was set up in the vicinity of the Merzse swamp The experts of the Főkert and the Hungarian Ornithological Society set up a swallow settlement on the territory of a riding school next to the Merzse swamp. In addition to attracting swallows and helping them to nest, this is also an attempt, if successful, to house new housing estates for swallows in the future.
The Merzse Swamp may be safe The last swampy habitat of Budapest, The Merzse swamp in the 17th district has been threatened with dehydration for years, but a plan will soon be drawn up to save the special area: a ditch system would be used to replenish the nature reserve with water.

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