182596_sztimre4_szent_imre_szobor_regi_helyen_2012_ny.jpg The cult of Saint Emeric of Hungary – The 18th District stands in memory of the Prince Hungary celebrated the life of Saint Emeric, the son of the country's first King, Saint Stephen, 90 years ago. On the 900th anniversary of the death of Prince Emeric (Imre), who was consecrated together with his father in 1083, a large-scale memorial year was organized in 1930–1931 and the village of Pestszentimre was named after him, which in 1950 became part of the 18th District of Budapest. The church in the district also bears the name of the prince, and the first public statue of the district also depicts Saint Emeric.
Reformed Church opens in Soroksár The new church of the Soroksár–Újtelep Reformed Congregation opened on Dinnyehegyi Road in the 23rd District.

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