suburban railway

196980_fortepan_65634.jpg BKV was established 55 years ago - There was a ticket inspector on all vehicles and one could travel cheaply On 1 January 1968, Budapest Transport Company took over the capital's public transport from three other companies. Until then, Budapest's trams, buses, suburban railways and other means of transport were operated by three independent companies, the Metropolitan Electric Railway Municipal Company, the Metropolitan Bus Municipal Company, and the Metropolitan Suburban Railway Municipal Company. In addition, the new organisation absorbed the Municipal Shipping Company.
The Batthyány Square terminus of the suburban railway was handed over 50 years ago The Budapest terminus of the suburban railway [HÉV] from Szentendre has been moved several times, most recently just 50 years ago, when it moved to its current location, Batthyány Square. The timing and the location were no coincidence either, as the suburban railway was able to connect to the metro this way which was also handed over at the time. The current terminus was handed over 50 years ago, but it may also change in the future.
Planning of M2 metro and Gödöllő Suburban railway connection begins Planning of the connection of Metro line 2 and the suburban railway to Gödöllő can begin after the government decided to provide the necessary funding. Construction plans for the reconstruction of the suburban railway line and the renovation of affected stations can begin. Renders of key elements of the plans have also been published. The metro and suburban railway tracks will be connected above ground on Örs vezér square.
Suburban Railway extension to Kalvin Square to be completed in five years Three lines of Budapest's suburban railway system shall be completely renovated. As part of the project, the Ráckeve and Csepel lines will be extended underground to Kálvin Square

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