XXII. district

194456_301256569_1516699072114864_5671877641620850813_n.jpg A statue of St. István was inaugurated in the 22nd district On 20 August, the bust of King Saint István in the Gábor Baross settlement in the 22nd district was inaugurated. A structure was also erected around the wooden creation. The new monument was placed at the Ispiláng street bus terminal.
The 22nd district Tétény meadow family park construction started In the area around the Swabian Memorial in Nagytétény, in the shade of the existing trees, a leisure place will be created, where the new family park will have something for everyone, from the smallest to the largest. There will be playgrounds for various ages, an outdoor gym, a football and beach volleyball court, but there will also be a fenced dog run and a toboggan run.

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