18th District

189634_peter7nyit.jpg A lively green area in Budapest: the Péterhalmi Forest and its surroundings From our series of articles presenting the less known green areas of Budapest, the 18th District has been missing until now, although there are also parks and forests worth exploring there. The locals are certainly familiar with all corners of these, but the “Kökintúli” [Outside Kőbánya-Kispest] district also offers experiences for residents of more distant districts. We would like to show that every district has natural values, most of the time unfortunately in spite of very spoiled town planning.
We have the first visual plans - This will be the Budapest Airport Arena The first visual plans for the Budapest Airport Arena in Pestszetlőrinc are public. During the investment, with the expansion of the old sports hall, a hall with a capacity of 1,000 people will be built, which will also be available to students from the surrounding schools.
Thirty years ago, the Soviet army withdrew from Hungary - What happened to the former barracks in Budapest? Thirty years ago, in the summer of 1991, the Soviet army left Hungary permanently. The Red Army, which was temporarily stationed here at the time, but had been in the country for almost five decades, also owned a number of properties in Budapest during this time, most of which were in a very dilapidated condition at the time of the return. Since then, three decades have passed, the former military facilities have been renovated in several places and utilized very well. On the anniversary, we will visit some of them.
Four tram stops to be redesigned on Line 50 Following the renovations on tram line 50 passengers will be able to access the platforms through ramps, to help wheelchair users and commuters with prams. Work is expected to last until this Autumn.

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