Ady Memorial Museum

189234_188395_ady-heb.jpg Endre Ady's former home in the city center has been renovated On 18 January, the renovated Ady Memorial Museum will open at 4-6 Veres Pálné Street, 5th District. The last home of Endre Ady, which today is a branch of the Petőfi Literary Museum as a memorial museum, awaits those interested with more friendly public spaces, a renewed exhibition, new museum pedagogical sessions and a series of programs.
Endre Ady's downtown home is being renovated - Today the poet's former apartment is a museum The Ady Memorial Museum on Veres Pálné Street is being renovated, where the poet lived between 1917 and 1919 with his wife, Berta Boncza. In the three-room apartment, the spaces will be renovated and a new room will be created for museum pedagogical classes.

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