2022. augusztus 3. 14:00
The public tender for the design of the new building of the University of Technology was announced. The call states as a separate clause that the Innovation and Development Center to be built on the site of the demolished Goldmann György square buildings of the BME must be worthy of the existing building complex on the Danube, which is part of the world heritage.
2022. június 1. 16:00
The exhibition opened in the new visitor center of BME presents the activities of the Technical University, its world-class results, historical curiosities and the inventions of famous technical students. Those interested can check out the self-driving model car, the glass concrete, the small satellite, but they can also learn about drone development. They can also encounter relics such as the Rubik's Cube, the hologram, the Sphere or the rector's chain.
2021. szeptember 24. 14:00
The demolition of the Goldmann Canteen building on Goldmann György Square near the Buda end of the Petőfi Bridge has begun. The former university restaurant and the adjoining building called BME V2, formerly home to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Technical University, will be replaced by the BME Innovation and Development Center.
2021. július 11. 09:00
The history of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics dates back to the 18th century, as one of its predecessors, the Institutum Geometricum, was founded in 1782, while the other, the Joseph College of Technology, was founded in 1844. Yet today's institution, independent and acting as a university on its behalf, was established 150 years ago, in 1871, when the king sanctified the statutes of the university.
2021. január 26. 11:00
Goldmann György Square in the 11th District will be completely transformed. The university is planning to construct new buildings in place of the V2 building and the canteen that have stood empty for years. A zero-emission research centre has been planned for the site. Dive into the history of this unique site with PestBuda!