The free exhibition entitled From Elementary Particles to Outer Space presents the last 240 years of the history of the Technical University, which will be on view at the newly opened visitor center of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) from 30 May, writes MTI.

The relics such as the Rubik's Cube can also be found at the exhibition (Photo:

According to the announcement of BME on Monday, the exhibition opened in the new visitor center will present the research of the current and current students, in addition to the outstanding results of the institution, the traditions and innovations of its trainings of national economic significance. You can see the historical and research curiosities of the university: a copy of the rector's chain, the original of which was donated to the institution by Prince Joseph Habsburg in 1909, or the world's smallest SMOG-1 called only 5x5x5 centimeters.

In addition to the molecular model of the Cavinton drug developed with the help of BME, the worldwide development of Litracon glass concrete by architect Áron Losonczi and a self-driving model car will be presented.    

The molecular model of the Cavinton drug and the Sphere can be seen (Photo:

In the exhibition space, each of the eight technical faculties will present itself with an installation. For example, visitors can learn about the work of the first Hungarian architect, Marianne Várnay, the research topics of the Nobel Prize-winning chemist György Oláh, read about the latest results in wire development and see innovative building materials made from recycled glass.

The timeline showing the milestones of the Technical University leads from the founding of the predecessor institution, the Institutum Geometrico-Hydrotechnicum, in 1782, through the rise of the university system and its involvement in the 1956 war of independence, to the present day. According to them, in 2020, for example, the institution joined the 9-partner EELISA (European Engineering Learning Innovation & Science Alliance) university association, and the BME Balatonfüred Knowledge Center opened its doors for a year.

At the exhibition we can get to know the activities of the institution and its world-class results (Photo:

BME has been home to engineers, economists and naturalists for more than two centuries, who achieve professional breakthroughs with their research and inventions, and whose work and expertise contribute to shaping the future that requires extraordinary solutions. it can be an experience for high school students, foreign guests and former students alike.     

The BME Visitor Center can be visited in the central building of the institution from Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 9 pm.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: Exhibition in the new BME Visitor Center presents the last 240 years of the Technical University (Photo: