cogwheel railway

198056_sim_9068_1_.jpg The cogwheel restarts in April The cogwheel railway will start again on 1 April, the track was renovated during the winter break. It is a novelty that this summer the open nostalgia train will run several times between Városmajor and the Széchenyi Hill terminus.
BKV was established 55 years ago - There was a ticket inspector on all vehicles and one could travel cheaply On 1 January 1968, Budapest Transport Company took over the capital's public transport from three other companies. Until then, Budapest's trams, buses, suburban railways and other means of transport were operated by three independent companies, the Metropolitan Electric Railway Municipal Company, the Metropolitan Bus Municipal Company, and the Metropolitan Suburban Railway Municipal Company. In addition, the new organisation absorbed the Municipal Shipping Company.
The cogwheel railway will not be eliminated Accepting the proposal of the people of Hegyvidék, the General Assembly of the Capital decided to support the renovation of the cogwheel and the extension of its route. So they will not eliminate the railway. During the renovation, transportation will be provided with a so-called demand-controlled telebus.
The cogwheel railway will be shut down for the whole winter due to high energy prices The operation of the cogwheel railway will be suspended until spring - this was decided by the Budapest City Council, BKK and BKV. The public transport vehicle, officially numbered 60, has not been running since 3 October due to track renovation, but the outage would have lasted only until 17 November. Due to high energy prices, they are now stopping its traffic for several months.

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