Klotild Palace

191536_amatild_cafe_cabaret_photo_credit__matild_palota_1_.jpg The former Downtown Café in the South Klotild Palace has regained its original splendor After decades of oblivion, the former Downtown Café will open under the name Matild Café & Cabaret on 19 May at the South Klotild Palace. The two-storey, 300-seat café has been restored based on contemporary drawings and photographs.
Have you ever seen the new Krúdy statue in Downtown? - The public works were erected near the former Downtown Café One of Krúdy's favorite places was the Downtown Café, which once operated in the southern Klotild Palace, where he wrote a significant part of the short stories of Sindbad. The genre statue now erected near Ferenciek Square commemorates this event.
Elegant hotel opened in the renovated southern Klotild Palace The Matild Palace luxury hotel opened in the southern Klotild Palace, in Ferenciek Square. The building, commonly referred to as Matild Palace, took five years to renovate, and as a result of the works, it regained its original appearance.

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