Elegant hotel opened in the renovated southern Klotild Palace

Hungarian version of the article: Elegáns szálloda nyílt a felújított déli Klotild-palotában

June 30, 2021 at 10:30 AM

The Matild Palace luxury hotel opened in the southern Klotild Palace, in Ferenciek Square. The building, commonly referred to as Matild Palace, took five years to renovate, and as a result of the works, it regained its original appearance.

Another characteristic building that defines the cityscape of Budapest has regained its original beauty. Namely, the renovation of the southern Klotild Palace in Ferenciek Square (on the left, if facing the Erzsébet Bridge) has been completed.

Facade of the southern Klotild Palace at 36 Váci Street overlooking the Danube (Source: www.matildpalace.com)

The dilapidated building, commonly referred to as the Matild Palace, was purchased for a hotel in 2014 by Melis Investment Kft., a subsidiary of the Turkish investor company Özyer, for 2.6 billion HUF. The Matild Palace Hotel, with 111 elegantly furnished rooms and 19 suites, is operated by the Marriott hotel chain.

The owner company said the original cobblestones, staircases, railings and courtyard were preserved during the works.  The building is still a listed building and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The characteristic tower of the palace, with Gellért Hill in the background (Source: www.matildpalace.com)The original cobblestones, staircases and railings were preserved during the works (Source: www.matildpalace.com)


The twin palaces were built by Princess Clotilde, Archduchess of Austria and wife of Archduke Joseph Karl of Austria. She asked Flóris Korb and Kálmán Giergl to prepare the plans. The construction took place between 1899 and 1902, and works of the southern palace began first.

Cover photo: The Matild Palace luxury hotel in the southern Klotild Palace, in Ferenciek Square (Source: www.matildpalace.com)

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