Margit Slachta

197848_00.jpg Gemstone along the Devil's Trench - The idea of the emerald church was born 90 years ago A fantastic church is hidden among lavish villas, just a few hundred metres from the tram terminus in Hűvösvölgy. Its modern forms suggest that it was built in the 20th century, but visitors might not even imagine how long the work took - competing with medieval cathedrals, it was completed in several decades. However, the result was equally brilliant, the Gothic and modernism are perfectly combined in it. The idea of building the church in Remetekertváros was born ninety years ago, in 1933.
Several public areas will be renamed in the capital In the 14th District, a park is named after Eszter Pécsi, the first Hungarian female architect, and Margit Slachta, the first Hungarian female parliamentarian. A section of Eötvös Road in the 12th District will become the Kopp Mária Promenade.
Margit Slachta, the first Hungarian female member of the Parliament, was reburied On 7 December, Margit Slachta, the One of the leading Hungarian female politicians and human rights activist of the 20th century, the first Hungarian female Member of the Parliament.

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