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196728_mozgo_muzeum_program_3..jpg Sightseeing with the Ikarus 66: the Museum of Transport invites everyone on a nostalgia trip In December and January, the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology And Transport invites those interested to a special experience. People can visit the most beautiful places in Budapest with an Ikarus 66 retro bus, and during the trip, they can also get to know the world of the age of the vehicle. The nostalgia service starts today, people can get on the oldtimer-certified bus at Heroes' Square, at the entrance to the City Park Ice Rink.
This could have been Budapest - New exhibition opened about the unrealised plans of the capital Everyone is equally interested in creating and maintaining good transportation. Many concepts have come to light in the nearly 150 years of Budapest, which wanted to help or add colour to our transport options: should there be a cable car that leads up to Gellért Hill? Should there be a footbridge on the Danube somewhere? Should the Hungária Ring Road be two-story? The exhibition, which opened on 21 June at the new location of the Museum of Transport, the Northern Maintenance Depot, will undertake to present the transport development visions that have not been realised but have been successfully reached the design table.
Thirty-five years ago, the newly built wing of the Museum of Transport was handed over A major event in the life of the Museum of Transport took place 35 years ago, after 8 years of construction, the new wing of the building was handed over. Although the museum's severe lack of space was alleviated, the new wing, which was modern in the era, did not solve all the problems.
The Northern Vehicle Repair Shop opens with a renewed exhibition at the Museum of Transport The new home of the Museum of Transport, the Northern Vehicle Repair, will reopen this weekend with a renewed temporary exhibition. Compared to last year's temporary exhibition, they are waiting for those interested in an area twice as large and with a number of novelties. In addition to the exhibition presenting the Northern Vehicle Repair and the history of the Hungarian railway, the latest works of the museum will also be on display at the exhibition.
A call has been issued for the renovation of the former station building in Kelenföld The tender for the renovation of the station building of the Kelenföld railway station has been announced, the construction works may start next year. The Transport Museum will create a railway history exhibition space and field table in the house, but a new community space and a café are also planned.
The Ikarus 66 was an iconic piece of Hungarian bus production – Now we can see it renovated in the Museum of Transport A special bus was presented to the general public yesterday by the Museum of Transport: one of the last ten Ikarus 66 models produced. The vehicle was exhibited after several years of restoration in Kőbánya, in the Diesel Hall of the former Northern Locomotive Workshop. Budapest once expected these Ikarus buses to make transportation faster and more convenient, but passengers in the capital found them uncomfortable.
Next year, the construction of the new Museum of Transport the area of the Északi Járműjavító may begin The Északi Járműjavító (Northern Locomotive Workshop) on Kőbányai Road is saying goodbye with a special temporary exhibition: the building can be seen in its current condition until October, and the exhibition will show not only the life of the former workshop, but also the plans of the new Museum of Transport. The new cultural district, centered on the museum and the existing Eiffel Workshop, will be transformed from the locomotive workshop that closed in 2009. The area will also be connected to Népliget and a new railway station is planned.
Museum of Transport opened 55 years ago after post World War II repairs After a more than a two-decades-long forced break, the Museum of Transport opened in City Park on 2 April 1966. During World War II, in 1944, several bombs hit the building. Although the most valuable works of art were saved, the destruction was still immeasurable: in addition to the building, the bombing also caused significant damage to the collection.
45 years under ground – A museum on Deák Square about the Millennium underground Railway A museum housed in an abandoned underground tunnel, filled with original rolling-stock, and a slew of objects from the history of one the world's oldest underground railways. All of this for the price of a single ticket in the middle of the city, under Deák Square. The Millennium Underground Museum opened 45 years ago.

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