Pest embankment

189706_arakpart.jpg The complete renovation of the lower embankment of Pest continues Another section of the Danube bank in Pest will be renewed, as part of which the redesign of the Salkaházi Sára embankment and Közraktár street running in front of Fővám square will begin. During the works, the traffic on the embankment will be dampened and new pedestrian areas will be created. According to the plans, it will be easy and safe to walk along the entire Danube bank section between Havas street and Közraktár street.
Pest Embankments revisited: Promenade planned from Kossuth Square to Bálna – Széchenyi Square to be redesigned An agreement detailing the renovation of the Pest Embankment has been signed by representatives of the Government and the capital. According to the plans, a new promenade and green areas will be created from Kossuth Lajos Square to the Bálna, the roundabout on Széchenyi Square will be removed, the tracks of tram line 2 and Közraktár Street will also be renewed.
Government and Budapest City Council agree on major development plans The government plans to provide 3000 Billion HUF in additional funding towards healthcare and transportation development and environmental protection initiatives, according to plans laid out by the Government Commissioner for the Development of Budapest. According to an agreement reached on Thursday, the government will finance three projects: the renewal of the Pest embankment, the southern extension of the Buda intertwining tram, and the renovation of the Kelenföld bus station with the creation of a new 1,500-place P+R car park.
Renovation of Chain Bridge begins On 17 March, the pedestrian pavements on Chain Bridge will be closed as the renovation begins.

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