Another section of the Danube bank in Pest will be renewed, a much more tidy and friendly connected embankment promenade will be created between Havas street and Bálna - said Balázs Fürjes, Secretary of State for Budapest and the development of the capital's agglomerations, on his Facebook page today. He also emphasized that with the traffic calming of Közraktár street, the people of Inner Ferencváros will be able to live in a calmer environment.

The traffic on Közraktár street is reduced (Source: Balázs Fürjes / facebook)

Balázs Fürjes explained that a pedestrian promenade was built in 2017 from the Danube Arena to the Margaret Bridge. The section to Kossuth Square was recently completed together with the Capital. The redesign of the part up to Fővám square is in full swing.

Now the last phase begins, which includes the renovation of the Salkaházi embankment and Közraktár street. During the works, the traffic on the embankment will be dampened and new pedestrian areas will be created. Between Havas street and Közraktár street, the entire Danube section will be easy and safe to walk on. Better walking connections are planned to make it easier for those living in the area to reach the banks of the Danube. They expand the green space and place new, comfortable street furniture. In addition, there will be a bicycle lane and traffic on Közraktár street will be reduced.

With the renovation of the Salkaházi Sára embankment and Közraktár street, a road section of at least 1.2 km will be renewed (Source: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook)

The preparation is carried out by the government's Budapest Development Center. They will work closely with the capital and the Ferencváros local council to work out the details.

A bicycle lane will be set up in Közraktár Street (Source: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook)

As Fürjes has indicated, the motorway will be reduced to 2x1 lanes instead of the previous 2x2 lane. In addition to less noise and cleaner air, the bike lane will be relocated here from the promenade in front of the Whale and Nehru Beach. This way, they will no longer be confused with picnics and people sitting on the Terrace of Bálna - meaning that accidents are eliminated.

Fürjes believes that the banks of the Danube are the most valuable areas of Budapest; "If all this happens: the people of Budapest will be able to take possession of the Danube bank in another place, and the traffic flow through inner Ferencváros will be reduced by the reduction of traffic on Közraktár street: there will be less noise and cleaner air, a more livable and friendly living environment,"  concludes the Secretary of State.

Source: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook

Cover photo: Salkaházi Sára embankment and Közraktár street will be renewed (Source: Balázs Fürjes / Facebook)