All rooms of Uránia can be visited again After an absence of nearly seven years, the two basement rooms of the Uránia National Film Theatre, which are located below the Main Hall, reopened this month. The Fábri and Csortos screening rooms had to be closed in 2015 due to water damage.
A demolition application was filed for the Márványmenyasszony building The temporary protection ordered last year for the building of the legendary district I restaurant has recently expired, so on 24 May, an application was submitted for the demolition and the construction of a new residential building. Although the building has been rebuilt several times over the years, the cultural and historical significance of the Márványmenyasszony restaurant, founded in 1793, is given by the fact that it housed the wedding of István Széchenyi in 1836 and Miklós Wesselényi in 1845.
The Reformed University is moving into the former BÁV headquarters The Károli Gáspár Reformed University is moving into the former BÁV headquarters in Ferencváros. According to the idea, the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University, the Institute of Psychology and the Rector's Office would serve as the new home of the 11th district historic building. The goal is to develop the university and create a modern educational environment.
Construction of the Artist Training Institute next to the Western Railway Station may begin soon The new center of the Artist Training Institute has received the building permit. The building will be realized as part of the National Circus Arts Center, planned for part of the rust zone next to the Western Railway Station, by rebuilding and expanding a former diesel locomotive repair hall.
The Fradi Népliget Sports Center will be renewed Planning for the FTC's new Népliget Sports Center can begin. The investment could include the construction of several new sports facilities in the existing area: a 5,000-square-foot football hall and a handball arena that is also the same size, but a water polo and hockey arena is also planned.
The Ornithological Society held a habitat management on the Tétény Plateau The Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association held the habitat management in the Tétény Plateau, one of the most locally protected habitats in the capital, mostly hiding steppe meadows. The site in the 22nd District has recently been cleaned of more than 4,000 tonnes of illegally dumped rubbish, but securing habitat for animal and rare plant species requires ongoing maintenance.
The renovation of the Salt House on Fővám Square continues The 9th district Sóház renovation is continuing. Restoration of the south wing of the building used by Corvinus University has already begun last year, with more work being done in the north wing this year. The building behind the Main Customs House, designed by Miklós Ybl, will restore the main gates, the façade, the classrooms, the buzzer, the machinery and the electrical system.
The Ménesi road campus of Corvinus University is being demolished It can be clearly seen from the bank of the Danube in Pest that the Corvinus University Ménesi road campus is being demolished. A new university building will be built in its place, but the area is planned to remain an integral part of the city fabric. In the new building, which is expected to be completed next year, educational and research spaces, a dormitory, professor's apartments, community and representation rooms, as well as rooms suitable for sports and recreation will be established.
The neo-renaissance complex of the University of Veterinary Medicine is being renewed The building complex of the University of Veterinary Medicine, designed by Imre Steindl and decorated with majolica Zsolnay and lead glass by Miksa Róth, will be renewed. The buildings on Rottenbiller Street, completed in 1881 and now home to one of the oldest veterinary training universities in Europe, are being restored to conservation standards. As part of this, the red brick masonry, the roof structures, the windows and the cladding will be restored, but the mechanical and electrical systems of the buildings will also be renewed.
The renovated Opera House will reopen in March After a break of five seasons, the Hungarian State Opera House on Andrássy street will reopen on 12 March, now completely renewed. During the large-scale restoration and modernization, the facade of the Neo-Renaissance palace designed by Miklós Ybl was restored, the stage technology was modernized, the acoustics were improved, the orchestral trench was remodeled, and the public utility network of the Opera House was replaced. The house will open with a festive concert under the direction of Domác Plácido, Ádám Medveczky, Gergely Kesselyák and Balázs Kocsár.
The park of the Bottomless Lake can be named after Mari Törőcsik Although several locations in Újbuda were mentioned, in the vote that has just ended, more than 50 percent of voters have chosen to have the park around the Bottomless Lake named after Mari Törőcsik in the future. The actress, who died in 2021, lived in the 11th district, and in 2016 he was awarded the title of honorary citizen. However, in order for the park around the Bottomless Lake to take the name of Mari Törőcsik, it is still necessary for the decision of the district representative body and the approval of the General Assembly of the Capital City.
The keys to Villa Haggenmacher were handed over, and the building was saved The Hungarian State exercised its right of pre-emption and purchased the 12th district Haggenmacher villa, which was once replaced by the Eye of God inn. The keys were handed over in days. The valuable monument will therefore remain in the public domain and will be used for community purposes after the renovation.
This is how they help the birds in the graveyard on Fiumei Road The Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association together with the National Heritage Institute (NÖRI) established a bird sanctuary in the graveyard on Fiumei road. The 25 burrows and the feeder are of great help to the nearly 100 species of birds that live here and 40 that breed here, including pine woodpeckers, specimens of which winter in flocks through the trees in the graveyard.
The renovation of the Sipeki Balás villa designed by Ödön Lechner is progressing spectacularly, the new part of the building is ready for construction The complete reconstruction of the Art Nouveau villa, built between 1905 and 1907 on Hermina road, now the headquarters of the Hungarian National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (MVGYOSZ), began in the spring of 2021. Part of the work is the refurbishment of the roof, the renovation of the 2,700-square-meter plaster under restoration supervision, but the hall's unique fireplace and stairs, decorated with bluish eosin-glazed tiles, and the artificial stone elements of the façade, are regaining their old splendor. The new part of the building, which was demolished next to the villa and was erected on the site of an outbuilding in the 1970s, has already reached its finished state.
The new ward of St. John's Hospital opens in the former Járitz Villa Completed in 1942, The new child and adolescent psychiatric rehabilitation ward of St. John's Hospital will be established in the Bauhaus-style Járitz Villa in the 2nd district. The villa was built between 1941 and 1942 according to the plans of the car dealer István Járitz József Fischer, the building once housed luxury apartments.
This will be the new promenade in Józsefváros The construction of a new pedestrian-friendly promenade in Józsefváros, in the vicinity of the Rákóczi square fairgrounds, is expected to start in the spring. It will give pedestrians more space, build a playground and plant trees. The visual design is complete, we'll show it.
The complete renovation of the lower embankment of Pest continues Another section of the Danube bank in Pest will be renewed, as part of which the redesign of the Salkaházi Sára embankment and Közraktár street running in front of Fővám square will begin. During the works, the traffic on the embankment will be dampened and new pedestrian areas will be created. According to the plans, it will be easy and safe to walk along the entire Danube bank section between Havas street and Közraktár street.
The Jedlik Ányos High School in Csepel is being transformed into an educational institution at European level The foundation stone of the new wing of the Jedlik Ányos Grammar School in Csepel was laid. During the investment, a modern central hall, vocational education wings, a library and pavilions will be built in the Benedictine grammar school in Csepel. The renovation of the secondary school is expected to be completed by October 2023 with the support of the government for HUF 20 billion.
We would like to promote the architectural monuments of the Roman era in Óbuda A promenade and a stone archive will also be built during the development that is now beginning at the Aquincum Museum, and the everyday life of the Roman soldiers once stationed here is also planned to be presented to visitors in a spectacular exhibition. We would also like to promote the archaeological and architectural monuments from the Roman Empire in Aquincum and other parts of Óbuda in the 3rd district.
The Herb Garden of Eötvös Loránd University is now part of the Hungarian Depository According to the recent decision of the Hungaricum Committee, the ELTE Herb Garden was admitted to the Hungarian Depository. With this, the botanical garden, founded in 1771, has become one of the “hallways of the Hungaricums” and has become one of the values that is of national importance and is aging our reputation worldwide.
The mountain Haggenmacher villa will be saved The Hungarian State is buying the Haggenmacher villa, which has been abandoned for years, from the Budapest local council, exercising its right of pre-emption, according to the Magyar Közlöny published today. We also learned that the rescued monument will be used for community purposes.
An exhibition space will be set up in the Groupama Arena The Groupama Arena in Üllői street is being modernized and developed. As part of the work, a 225-square-foot cultural exhibition space will also be created in the stadium, which also serves as Fradi’s home.
The renovated Bakát Square was handed over The renovation of the main square of Ferencváros, Bakáts square, has been completed. The development of the space was initiated in 2016 by the 9th district local council, and by 2018 the plans were born and the implementation was prepared by the experts on behalf of the local council Plants, benches, chess and mill tables and drinking wells were installed on the square formed in the 19th century.
They are looking for a contractor for the new campus of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University The new, unified campus of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University will be located in the Palace District of Józsefváros. As part of the works until 2027, a new campus building will be erected at 26 Szentkirályi Street, and the listed building at 15 Bródy Sándor Street will be renovated, 28-30 Szentkirályi Street Palace will be remodeled and connected to the adjoining university building. An open tender was issued for the construction.
The busiest road in Városliget will be turned into a promenade Instead of an asphalted highway, the Károly Kós promenade, which cuts the Városliget in two, will be turned back into a real park walkway, the tender for the reconstruction plans was announced today by Városliget Zrt. In addition to peak hours, the Zoo Tour will also be closed to traffic during peak hours, and Heroes' Square will be car-free in the future.
The transport park in Városliget will be renovated The KRESZ park in Városliget will be expanded and renovated within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project. In the park, where children can playfully learn the basics of safe transport, there will be a transport-themed playground and more green space.
A monument was unveiled in Sashalom for the Germans deported from Hungary A monument depicting the tragedy of the 20th century Germans in Hungary was handed over in the 16th district at the intersection of Sashalmi promenade and Romhány street. The work of the sculptor R. Mária Törley was erected by the German Nationality in memory of those deported from the district.
The permit is in place, preparations for the construction of the Gellért Hill cable car can continue Gellérthegyi SIKLÓ Kft. Has received a new building permit, so the preparations for the construction of the cable car can continue. According to the plans, when the track is completed, the vehicles will reach the top of the hill from the Hegyalja road terminal in 72 seconds. The investment may be completed in the second half of 2023.
Athletics hall, sports hotel to be built on the campus of the University of Physical Education, the historical garden is being reconstructed An athletics hall with a 400-seat grandstand, a sports roof on top, and new swimming pools and a sports hotel will be built in the Alkotás Street block of the University of Physical Education during the second phase of Buda's largest university development. In addition, the historic garden is being reconstructed around the main building designed by the institution, designed by Alajos Hauszmann.
The forests of the Jegenye Valley and the Óbuda Island have been placed under protection Two valuable areas, the 2nd district Jegenye Valley and the gallery forest of Óbuda Island has recently been protected. The Jegenye Valley is dominated by the many salamanders that live there and the now almost completely extinct hornbeam-oak forest, but the clean water springs there are also a rare treasure. It is also a rarity, and the 2.5-kilometer-long gallery forest in Óbuda, which is close to nature, is also under special protection.