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2021. november 22. 17:30
Architect Henrik Schmahl's early masterpiece, the mansion at Andrássy Avenue 52, will soon regain its former beauty. Currently, the historical facade, corridors and loggias are being restored.
2021. október 5. 20:00
She was the grande dame of the National Theatre: from 1872 until she died in 1926, with a one-year omission, she was a member of the most important Hungarian theatre for a total of 53 years. She became a member of the company on Kerepesi Road (today's Rákóczi Road), she moved with them to the building of the People's Theatre, when the previous place was ordered to be demolished. Blaha Lujza Square eventually became the real home of the National and Mari Jászai, she was laid in state here and was accompanied from here on her last journey when she died 95 years ago.
2021. szeptember 27. 09:00
One might think that the life of a world traveller and Africa researcher is enviable. However, this is not necessarily the case with Zsigmond Széchenyi: one of the most significant Hungarian travellers and hunters of the 20th century was dragged and evicted from the Buda Castle by the communist regime. As part of the ‘One with Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, an exhibition of his photographs taken during the expeditions will open at the Capa Centre in Budapest.
2021. szeptember 23. 15:00
The Regnum Marianum church stood on the edge of Városliget for only twenty years. The church, consecrated in 1931, was blown up on September 23, 1951. The leaders of the communist dictatorship invoked town planning reasons, but in reality they wanted to demolish the church, which was built out of “gratitude” for Hungary gettingt rid of the arbitrariness of the Soviet Republic.
2021. augusztus 15. 19:30
The tower of a church always has a special significance. It is an important part of the cityscape, it helps with orientation and of course a signal to the community as well. The tower (or towers) of the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Lady in Petőfi Square not only define the cityscape, but they are also signals in the history of the 220-year-old church.
2021. június 24. 16:00
The facade and the balcony of the building at 11 Nagymező Street in Terézváros have become accident-prone, leading to the renovation. During the works, the missing limestone slabs and balcony slabs on the facade will be replaced, and the work is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.
2021. június 15. 18:00
The statue of King St. Stephen will not be erected in the park named after him but on Templom Square in Kispest. The mayor decided this on 14 June based on his personal authorization ordered in the epidemic. The authorization was valid until June 15. Earlier, work was suspended in Szent István Park because the work would have taken up a green area even though it would have replaced an earlier sculpture.
2021. június 14. 14:30
Special reconstruction boards now allow anyone to see what life could have been like at the section of the Limes near Aquincum, now Óbuda. Two signs on the corner of Nagyszombat Street and Szőlő Street showcase the amphitheatre, the third at 7 Kórház Street, shows what the camp gate that once stood there looked like.
2021. június 3. 14:00
Today, a belfry on Döbrentei Square is the only memory of the former Serbian Orthodox Church, which was consecrated on 3 June 1751, 270 years ago. The church dedicated to Demetrius of Thessaloniki was demolished in 1949 for political reasons.
2021. május 23. 18:00
Fourteen stone statues have already been erected on Golgota Square in Józsefváros. Bronze reliefs depicting the stations of the cross have been placed within them. The restoration of the stations was initiated by the Józsefváros Local Council in 2019 and is being carried out with state funding.
2021. május 22. 17:30
The Insula Lutherana in Budapest that is the building complex of the Lutheran church, grammar school and museum on Deák Square has been named a National Memorial Site. Supported by the government, the National Memorial and Remembrance Committee and the Institute of National Heritage, the site was listed as a memorial on 22 May 2021.
2021. május 21. 17:30
On the centenary of the founding of the central bank in 2024, the headquarters of the institution will be renovated to their original form on Szabadság Square. The building was built in 1905, its external appearance has not changed since then, but its interiors were significantly remodelled after World War II, undermining its historical value. Now its original beauty will return, inside and out.
2021. május 20. 17:00
The suburban railway line to Csepel will be extended in both directions, and the work will be carried out in several stages. In the first phase – from 2023 – a new terminal will be built in the 21st District on Erdősor Street, in parallel with the modernization of the line from the Kvassay Bridge outwards. In the second phase, the line will be connected to the Ráckeve line at the Public Slaughterhouse and extended underground to Kálvin Square. Implementation of the second phase will begin in 2024 at the soonest.
2021. február 14. 15:00
The future public park at 1–11 Bástya Street in Pest will be built next to the old Pest city wall's longest still-standing section. The newly published plans reveal that a mini educational trail will be created to present the archaeological artefacts found in the area. Planners have also put great emphasis on the comfort of the visitors and creating green surfaces.
2021. január 11. 20:00
A real estate development program will be launched in the area around Keleti Railway Station. Government to provide 800 million HUF towards preparations.
2020. december 19. 09:00
What did festive preparations look like in the Belle Époque and the decades following the first world war? Join PestBuda on a glance through Christmases of the past based on old newspaper articles and photos from Budapest's olden days.
2020. szeptember 23. 09:00
The final dirt roads found in Budapest will be paved in the coming months. The government will provide 5 billion HUF towards the asphalt work in the outer districts of the city.
2020. szeptember 18. 16:00
The demolition of the university building on Alkotás Street began recently, as the development of the campus enclosed by Alkotás street – Győri Road – Kis János Altábornagy Road continues. The new campus will offer students and educators a proper university environment to work and study in.
2020. szeptember 14. 17:00
The renovation of the Heart of Jesus Church in Városmajor has been completed. The façade, interior and roof structure were replaced during the reconstruction. Designed by Aladár Árkay, the church served as a hall of worship for ten years and later became a scene of local community life.
2020. augusztus 9. 11:00
Fans of history and culture are invited to 70 locations around the country on 29 August. Guided walks, performances, concerts and many other attractions are being organised at national and historical memorials.