The Public Procurement Bulletin revealed that the Ferencváros Gymnastics Club had announced an open public procurement procedure for the development of the Népliget sports complex. According to the tender, a total of about 76,000 square meters of new buildings will be built. This would include public buildings and a multifunctional sports facility with at least three handball courts.

Map of the FTC - MVM Népliget Sports Center (source:

The main elements of the design for the area are a 5,000-square-foot central building to serve football and 7 live and 6 artificial grass football fields. Also an important element is the already mentioned multifunctional building, which would house fencing, boxing, wrestling, table tennis, swimming, gymnastics and skating. It is also planned to build a 2,500-person water polo arena, a 3,000-person hockey arena and a 5,000-person handball arena in this building. In addition, an athletics center on 5,000 square meters and a service road would be set up.

According to the plans, the current "Liget I" (1101 Budapest, Vajda Péter street, hrsz. 38442/16.) Will serve only adult and youth football, while the current "Liget II" (1101 Budapest, Vajda Péter street, hrsz. 38440/53 and 38440/54., and 1101 Budapest, Oasis middle, hrsz. 38440/52. will give place to the other sports.

Cover photo: Entrance to the FTC's Népliget Sports Center (Google Street View)