Városliget Ingatlanfejlesztő Zrt. has issued a tender for the complete renovation and expansion of the KRESZ park in Városliget, next to the former Transport Museum - it can be read in the EU Public Procurement Bulletin . As indicated, the park is particularly attractive to families, but renovation, development and replacement of service facilities are imperative.

The renovation of the transport park was timely in Városliget (Photo: bkk.hu)

The central part of the transport park is a miniature transport track on Zichy Mihály street, near the intersection of Hermina street and the Ajtósi Dürer line. Pavement signs, TRAFFIC signs, traffic light crossings on the track will help children to play safely. The course is now being renovated, expanded and supplemented with a themed playground. A sidewalk will be created on either side of the road for children, which will be accompanied by a row of silhouettes of buildings.

The aim is to give more emphasis to the miniature nature of the transport park with the help of landscape architecture tools.

KRESZ Park is visited by families and schools alike (Photo: bkk.hu) 

As the call indicates, the transport park is also an important destination for the surrounding schools. There are a number of daytime activities in the area, where children are given the opportunity to play and play sports in the afternoon. Table tennis tables and a streetball basketball court will be installed on the south side of the traffic park.

During the development, 40 deciduous trees, 6,700 shrubs, 19,300 perennials and 20,000 square meters of grassland will be planted in the KRESZ park. 6 large trees (20-48 cm trunk diameter) are transplanted. The task also includes the installation of a computer-controlled automatic irrigation system on 23,226 square meters. The number of benches and seats, waste bins and sunken large waste bins is also expanding.

Bids are expected until 28 February, 2022.

Source: European Public Procurement Notice

Cover photo: A thematic playground will be set up in the park to help children move safely (Photo: bkk.hu)