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197352_194057_nepliget20220802.jpg Népliget's landscape architecture idea competition has ended Sixteen entries were received for Népliget's landscape architecture idea competition, which closed today. Although the evaluation will begin soon, the renovation of Budapest's 130-hectare public park will have to wait a few more years: the implementation of the first phase in the capital's Dezső Radó Plan was only planned for 2027.
Mini forest, bushes, rows of trees: green developments from Főkert in 2023 This year, Főkert will renew several rows of trees in Budapest, plant 12,000 trees and make a mini-forest. Several previously started works are continuing, including park renovations, and benches are being placed in the small forests planted last year.
Call for applications for the greening of inner courtyards and street facades The Budapest City Council announced a tender for the creation of greener, more flowery inner courtyards and the greening of street facades.
Háros, the beauty of the southern ends The capital's natural beauties are quite scattered. This is perhaps fortunate in that every district has at least one park, forest or waterfront. During this trip, Pestbuda will take a look at the southernmost part of the main branch of the Danube near Budapest. The region where the wide, slow-flowing Danube has been touching the quiet settlements for thousands of years. This region is the most beautiful part of the 22nd District along the Danube: Háros.
Giant trees are being planted in Szomory Dezső Square in the inner city Urban-tolerant giant trees with broad sprawling crowns are planted on Szomory Dezső Square, adjacent to Deák Square. In addition, the fountain pool of the Well of the Danaids on the square will also be renovated.
Citizens waited four years for it: the Community Park was handed over in Máriaremete The new leisure park has been completed in Máriaremete in the 2nd District, on the block of land that also includes the Dezső Gyarmati Swimming Pool and the József Pokorny Sports and Leisure Centre. The concept of the Community Park was developed back in 2018, and the residents of the neighbourhood were able to take possession of the area a few days ago, which also includes sports fields, a playground, a jogging track, and a fitness park.
Eighty trees are planted on Blaha Lujza Square The planting of trees has begun in Blaha Lujza Square, which is under renovation: a total of eighty new trees are being planted in the boxes previously created for them. In their surroundings, a skeletal soil was built to help the roots grow. It will remind people of the National Theatre, which was demolished and blown up in 1965, that the outline of the building will appear in the paving, and burgundy-coloured public furniture referring to the theatre's former chairs will be placed in the square. The renovation will be completed this year.
Brainstorming can start about Népliget - the capital has launched a design competition The Metropolitan council has issued a tender for the renewal of Népliget, design teams of which at least one member is a landscape architect can apply for the task. Based on the strategic plan adopted last year about Népliget, they have to formulate how they would imagine the future of Budapest's 130-hectare public park, protected since 2005.
Nature conservation trails have been renovated There are a total of 40 kilometers of nature trails in the capital, and you can find them in almost every major nature conservation area. The staff of Főkert, together with other organizations, renovated the entire route network on the Pest side for the summer of 2022.
Instead of pillars, flower boxes prevent irregular parking The anti-parking poles were replaced by flower boxes in on Margit boulevard in the district. The plants that have now been placed are well adapted to the urban environment and, as promised, they will be watered regularly.
Hűvösvölgy, which is only cold in its name Most people associated Hűvösvölgy with the cold, but today it is less cool, especially in summer than in previous centuries. Moreover, the cool is refuted by a very interesting natural monument. It is a fairly large area, so it is worth visiting the Hűvösvölgy and its surroundings on two excursion days. The part of the city is also rich in natural, built and cultural sights, which already gained special importance in the time of King Matthias.
The bank of the Danube in Nagytétény was declared protected On the 4.7-kilometer-long bank of the Danube in Nagytétény, which has been declared a protected natural area, dogs can still be walked and mosquito repellent is free, but it is not possible to build a bike path and bicycle rest, build a boat house and a permanent berth for boats and small boats.
Construction work began in the Jókai Garden The Jókai Garden and the listed Steindl Villa will be renewed, and it will be a new nature exhibition place from next autumn. Construction work has already begun.
A swallow settlement was set up in the vicinity of the Merzse swamp The experts of the Főkert and the Hungarian Ornithological Society set up a swallow settlement on the territory of a riding school next to the Merzse swamp. In addition to attracting swallows and helping them to nest, this is also an attempt, if successful, to house new housing estates for swallows in the future.
Farewell to the iconic tree of Deák Square - The fallen pine is cut down They cut out the iconic tree of Deák Square, the Himalayan silk pine leaning over the benches. The fallen tree was a favorite meeting place for many, and since the people of Budapest were attached to it, Főkert also said a sensitive goodbye to it on its website. It has been said that it cannot be transplanted or supported, there is no other option but to cut it down, as the popular tree is accident-prone.
A community garden will be created in Újpest A community garden will be set up in Újpest on the site of an unused sports field bordered by Tavasz, Nyár and Viola streets. In addition to forty beds and fruit bushes, plans include building a garden house and a shady sandpit for children.
The Péterhalmi Forest was enriched with 1,800 new trees About 1,800 new trees were planted in the 18th district in the Péterhalmi forest. However, many sick and non-native trees had to be cut down before that. The aim was to increase the climate protection function and ecological value of the forest.
The previously felled trees were replaced in Benczúr Street in Terézváros Instead of the 29 trees previously felled, 36 new ones were planted in the 6th district Benczúr street, and the size of the wood places was also increased. The 36 new trees were planted by experts from Főkert.
This will be the Town Hall Park - The results of the design competition have been announced Next year, the renovation of the area on the Károly boulevard side of the Central Town Hall, which was used as a car park, may begin. The results of last year’s design competition were announced today, with the winning plan to preserve the existing trees in an area of about 8,000 square meters, next to which new ones will be planted, a number of new benches will be erected and there will also be bumps. The renovation of Town Hall Park is expected to be completed by 2024.
The row of poplars on Pók Street is cut down in Óbuda, native trees are planted in its place 96 sick, life-threatening poplar trees are cut down along Pók Street in Óbuda, which are replaced by native trees with large stature and large canopy. Work will now take place in April and autumn.
Greening of Margaret Boulevard will begin soon, and the houses will also be cleaned Margaret Boulevard can be significantly greened: in addition to nearly 5,000 perennial and bulbous plants, at least a dozen new trees will be planted on the side of the road. In addition, a tender is planned to clean the facades of the stone-paved houses on Margaret Boulevard.
The Merzse Swamp may be safe The last swampy habitat of Budapest, The Merzse swamp in the 17th district has been threatened with dehydration for years, but a plan will soon be drawn up to save the special area: a ditch system would be used to replenish the nature reserve with water.
The 13th district Vizafogó park was handed over On Tuesday, the 13th district Vizafogó park was handed over. The area is called an eco-park, ie during the planning process, special attention was paid to making it ecologically sustainable. A new artificial lake one and a half meters deep has also been created, which also serves as the main visual element.
The 22nd district Tétény meadow family park construction started In the area around the Swabian Memorial in Nagytétény, in the shade of the existing trees, a leisure place will be created, where the new family park will have something for everyone, from the smallest to the largest. There will be playgrounds for various ages, an outdoor gym, a football and beach volleyball court, but there will also be a fenced dog run and a toboggan run.
Kőbánya can also cause surprises Kőbánya is one of the most deplorable districts in Budapest. Lately, unfortunately, this part of the city has entered the national press in connection with more internet memes or crimes. However, PestBuda undertook to explore the green parks of the 10th District, prepared for the worst. Our journalists were very pleasantly surprised in most places. The street scene, public safety has improved a lot lately in the areas they have explored. Take a look at the pleasant surprises.
Preparations for tree planting in Blaha Lujza Square continue The Budapest Transport Center will plant sixty-one trees soon in the 8th district Blaha Lujza square. Some of them are installed directly on a continuous green surface, others in the cladding using the Stockholm method. This procedure promotes the growth of the roots of urban trees, i.e. improves their living conditions. During the renovation of the square, a water play will be created, among other things, but the construction of the paving and the placement of the furniture will also continue.
The Ornithological Society held a habitat management on the Tétény Plateau The Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association held the habitat management in the Tétény Plateau, one of the most locally protected habitats in the capital, mostly hiding steppe meadows. The site in the 22nd District has recently been cleaned of more than 4,000 tonnes of illegally dumped rubbish, but securing habitat for animal and rare plant species requires ongoing maintenance.
This is how they help the birds in the graveyard on Fiumei Road The Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association together with the National Heritage Institute (NÖRI) established a bird sanctuary in the graveyard on Fiumei road. The 25 burrows and the feeder are of great help to the nearly 100 species of birds that live here and 40 that breed here, including pine woodpeckers, specimens of which winter in flocks through the trees in the graveyard.
The number of green bus waiters in the city center continues to grow The number of bus waiters planted and planted with plants in the city center will continue to increase after the 5th District locl council continues its greening program. Together with the green waiting places in Hild Square, Szervita Square, Podmaniczky Square and Jászai Mari Square, there will now be eight green bus waiters in the city center.
The Tétény Plateau was cleared of thousands of tons of waste More than 4,100 tons of construction waste was cleaned in the 22nd District Tétényi Plateau are the horticultural and waste management specialists of Budapesti Közművek Nonprofit Zrt. (BKM). With this, the protected natural area, which will connect the largest dry meadows of Budapest, was returned to the native flora.

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