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2021. szeptember 16. 05:00
The Csepel public park will be built on a total of 36 hectares, with rest areas, community gardens, sports fields, hiking and cycling trails. In the public park there will be a gallery forest next to the Danube branch, promenades, wooded groves, playgrounds and wetlands as well.
2021. szeptember 11. 12:00
If swimming or eating 'lángos' means relaxation, people usually think of Lake Balaton as a destination. However, Roman Beach offers a similar opportunity in Budapest. The first legal public Danube beach in the capital opened here in the summer of 2021 - after a long break. But the Roman Beach is much more than that. The area is the only place offering a real waterfront experience along the Danube section of Budapest, its special milieu captivates the visitors. If someone really wants to get to know the five-kilometre beach, get ready for a multi-hour trip as Pestbuda reporters did. Take a closer look at the beach with the author.
2021. augusztus 10. 09:30
Hikers of Sas Hill ('Eagle Hill') in Budapest are in a very privileged position, as the area had been closed to the public for decades. Today, after prior registration, anyone can visit the hill that rises above the BAH junction. If someone walks around with professional guidance, it is safe to say that they will have an outstanding experience: a unique panorama and real plant rarities await them.
2021. július 17. 16:30
In the green area next to the Dezső Gyarmati Swimming Pool and the József Pokorny Sports and Leisure Centre, the local government will establish a community park in Máriaremete. In addition to the sports fields, there will also be picnic places and street furniture for relaxation in the new leisure park.
2021. július 14. 18:00
The Budapest Development Center (BFK) has announced a public procurement procedure for the planning of a wetland to be established in the area of the Csepel recreational public park. The idea is that the Wetland, will keep rainwater generated on paved and built-up surfaces of the district along Weiss Manfred Road in place, providing a natural habitat for many plant and animal species.
2021. július 10. 10:00
Óbuda Island, also known as Hajógyári Island, has recently shown its more pleasant face: there are no weeks-long events, festivals or pavilions. The area presents a peaceful, so to speak natural side to the visitors, so it is worth reporting on what people can find on the most troubled island of Budapest in "peacetime".
2021. június 19. 13:30
The 27-meter-high lookout tower was built through the cooperation of Pilisi Park Erdő Zrt and the local council. The lookout in the 16th District offers views of Náplás Lake. the Gödöllő Hills and Cinkota Forest.
2021. június 16. 16:00
Landscaping of the Normafa green area continues: the two transmission towers next to the Vasas ski house have been demolished. The Hegyvidék Local Council has been negotiating with the tower operators for years.
2021. június 15. 15:00
A new educational trail has been completed in the 2nd District Szép Valley forest. Seedlings have been planted in the previously neglected 16-hectare area, and a special birdhouse and forest playground have also been created.
2021. június 12. 09:00
Csepel's history is nowhere near perfect. Only three routes connect it with the rest of Budapest today, which is why it is out of sight. In recent years, something seems to have changed, and it is no longer just the panel renovation efforts making their impact: on the banks of the Ráckeve-Danube, versatile and well-designed promenades and parks await residents and visitors alike.
2021. június 3. 16:00
Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. and the Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség ('Hungarian Hiking Association') have set up a thematic playground and an outdoor gym on Nagyrét in Hűvösvölgy, one of Budapest's most popular nature destinations.
2021. május 22. 10:00
Places of special beauty can be found everywhere. This time Pestbuda guides its readers to the outskirts of the capital, but that does not detract from their value. The Remete Gorge ('Hermit Gorge') and the Alsó-Jegenye Valley ('Lower Jegenye Valley') attract hundreds and thousands of people on more pleasant weekends. The tour with many attractions can be completed comfortably in a day.
2021. május 9. 09:00
The largest still water in Budapest is quite young. It was formed in 1978 during the flood protection regulation of the Szilas stream. Lake Naplás is worthy of its name, as naplás is an abbreviated form of the word napolás (to postpone), and it is worth postponing our other activities to explore the 16-hectare area and its surroundings.
2021. május 2. 15:00
Although Mór Jókai was not born and raised in Budapest, he still gave something to the capital that is irreplaceable. The garden and park he created have retained their charm to this day, despite the vicissitudes of history. The institutions here, which try to preserve Jókai's heritage, play a major role in these efforts.
2021. április 29. 18:30
A questionnaire is being used to assess people's position on the development of the last swampy area of Buda, the protected Mocsárosdűlő. The Budapest City Council hopes to create an eternal forest by planting native tree species in the area. The council is waiting for opinions primarily on the function of the area by 5 May.
2021. április 26. 09:00
It has been operating in its current location for 174 years, its oldest trees, the fern pines, have lived through 200 springs, and its fairy roses were admired by members of the royal family. In its area, which once was the park of Festetics Palace, there were once 5 lakes, and its glasshouse was known to generations from The Paul Street Boys. Take an imaginary walk in the 250-year-old Füvészkert (ELTE Botanical Garden; 'herb garden') with ten carefully selected pictures.
2021. április 21. 16:00
The Jókai Garden and the Steindl Villa on Sváb Hill are to be renovated. The investment is planned to be completed by 2022, and the developers hope that Budapest will be enriched with a popular resting place.
2021. április 21. 13:00
The pavements of the playground on Meggyfa Street have been renovated, the missing elements of the fence replaced, new benches and a drinking fountain have been installed, while new trees and plants were planted in the area.
2021. április 15. 17:00
Pestbuda has studies the Budapest Green Infrastructure Development and Maintenance Action Plan recently adopted by the Budapest General Assembly in detail. The document called the Dezső Radó Plan is essentially a summary of the green area developments in Budapest that have previously been decided at a government, district or city level. Several of them have already started and are in progress, and there are some new elements in the recently released plans.
2021. április 10. 12:00
Join Pestbuda on a visit to the largest contiguous forest in the most populous district of Budapest. It is a forest, but it could be called an adventure since there are no other places in Budapest with so many leisure activities.
2021. április 3. 16:00
The banks of Rákos Stream in the 14th District will be transformed into a park in three stages. Work is already underway, and the first 400-metre section between Egressy Road and Bartl János Street has already been opened. The entire project will be completed by the autumn. Plenty of trees and shrubs will be planted in the new areas, and plenty of benches will be installed, on sun terraces, alongside playgrounds, drinking fountains. Public lighting will be solar-powered.
2021. március 27. 16:00
An educational canopy trail has been planned for Normafa. To be built on the former Sport Hotel site, the trail will have space for 150 visitors and focus on conservation education. The study trail will begin at ground level and climb above the tree canopy to offer a stunning view of Budapest.
2021. március 20. 14:00
A large 12 000 square metre park has been created among the tower blocks built in Újbuda in the 1970s. Sprawling between Tétényi Road and Fejér Lipót Street, the park includes renovated sports fields and courts, walkways, new ping pong tables and rest stops.
2021. március 18. 17:00
The development of Nagyrét in Hűvösvölgy continues: a thematic playground and an outdoor gym will be built on one of the most popular greens in Budapest by the end of April. The playground, designed by sculptors, will evoke the indigenous fauna and flora of the forest. Work will begin later this week.
2021. február 21. 09:00
Not far from Megyeri Bridge, an environment filled with rare plants has survived, with biodiversity that would be sensational anywhere in the country. Yet a few decades ago, the Újpest Homoktövis Nature Reserve, one of the last remnants of the Rákos Fields, was still a military training ground. Join Pestbuda on the newest instalment in a series that explores the national wonders of Budapest.
2021. február 16. 17:30
The renewal and reforestation of forests in and around Budapest will start in two locations, Budakeszi forest in the 13th District and Határ forest in Kőbánya. The programme aims to increase the ratio of indigenous trees and shrubs in the forests and remove dangerous weak plants.
2021. február 7. 14:30
A leisure park will be established on three neglected plots bordered by Csalit Street – Csatárka Road – Szikla Street in the 2nd District. The plans have been made following consultations with locals. The leisure park will include an outdoor gym, a geological and botanical educational trail and garden, a running track, a playground, a giant slide, a dog park and a traffic park.
2021. február 4. 14:00
The newest lookout tower of the capital will be completed soon in the 16th District in the forest surrounding Lake Naplás. The 22-meter-high building, constructed from wooden beams, has been designed to fit into its environment and will offer an unparalleled panorama of Lake Naplás and the Gödöllő Hills.
2021. február 1. 17:00
The renovation of the playground on Meggyfa Street in the 3rd District will begin at the beginning of February. New games will be installed, plants added, and safe paving laid. A drinking fountain and a 3D hopscotch game are also part of the plans. Work is expected to take two months.
2021. január 27. 09:00
Budapest is perhaps one of the leading capitals in the world in terms of groundwater and springs. However, not only springs can be found throughout the city. Once Pest was surrounded by swamps: from the present-day Újpest to Soroksár swampy areas ringed the city. Today, the diverse wildlife that surrounded Pest not so long ago is confined to the small Merzse Swamp.

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