Sixteen entries were received for the Népliget's landscape architecture idea competition - it can be read on the Facebook page of Budapest City Hall, where it was also announced that the jury will soon evaluate the entries. 

On 31 July 2022, the Budapest City Council announced a landscape architecture idea competition for the renewal of Népliget, for design teams with at least one landscape architect member - Pestbuda also reported on this. The expectation was that, based on the strategic plan adopted for Népliget in 2021, the designers would formulate how they envision the future of Budapest's 130-hectare public park.

Main aspects of the reconstruction of Népliget (Source:

In last year's call for tenders, one of the tasks of the renovation was called the renewal of the green surfaces and the plant population, the reduction of paved surfaces, the creation of climate-friendly, ecological green surfaces and the park's water surface were named as goals. It was mentioned in the announcement that they would also like to arrange the "gateways" through which most people arrive at the park (for example, the vicinity of the metro station).

Among the tasks set for the designers was the design of the arrival points, where all the necessary functions can be found (catering units, toilets). In addition, ideas for the development of public lighting, the reduction of car traffic in the park, the development of the Népliget playground, the creation of a running track and a "sunbathing meadow", and the creation of an event space at the former Mutatványos Square was also expected from the tender participants.

The Planetarium, which closed in 2017, and its surroundings (Photo: Péter Bukovszki/

"After the Népliget Strategic Plan, the idea competition is the next step in the direction of renewal. The submissions contribute to getting to the detailed execution-level plans, and finally, the renovation of sections of the park can be realised," reads Budapest City Hall's Facebook page.

It is also clear from this post, and it was already announced last year, that there will not be a comprehensive park reconstruction, but that the renovation will be carried out in stages. The renovation of the Népliget will therefore have to wait for years. In the Dezső Radó Plan for the development of Budapest's green areas, adopted in 2021 - which is still available today on the website of the Budapest City Council - 2022 was designated as the planning year, and the implementation of phase one was scheduled for 2027. However, planning has not yet started, as last year they did not announce a design competition, but only an idea competition.

Népliget is located in the 10th District, on the border of the 8th and 9th Districts. The park was created in the middle of the 19th century, and at the turn of the century it became a city park with promenades, a restaurant, and a show square.

Cover photo: Népliget in 2022 (Photo: Péter Bukovszki/