Eighty trees are planted on Blaha Lujza Square

Hungarian version of the article: Nyolcvan fát ültetnek a Blaha Lujza térre

November 9, 2022 at 1:30 PM

The planting of trees has begun in Blaha Lujza Square, which is under renovation: a total of eighty new trees are being planted in the boxes previously created for them. In their surroundings, a skeletal soil was built to help the roots grow. It will remind people of the National Theatre, which was demolished and blown up in 1965, that the outline of the building will appear in the paving, and burgundy-coloured public furniture referring to the theatre's former chairs will be placed in the square. The renovation will be completed this year.

Eighty trees will be planted on the renewed Blaha Lujza Square, the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK) told MTI on Wednesday. According to the announcement, the planting of trees on the square already started on Tuesday.

It was indicated: in the large part of the square - in the surroundings of the trees that are still waiting to be planted - they had previously built paving stone with water-permeable grouting, as well as a small cube stone covering, under which an artificial skeletal soil was created. The purpose of this is to help the growth of the root system of the trees surrounded by the wooden stack grid, and at the same time to have a suitable substructure for the space covering.

The trees are planted in Blaha Lujza Square using the Stockholm tree planting system (Photo: BKK)

Trees planted in artificial skeletal soil, i.e., with the Stockholm tree planting system, grow faster and, due to their better living conditions, will be bigger, more beautiful and healthier than those planted in the compacted subsoil, the BKK informed. They added that there is continuous planting in the surroundings of the trees put in the plant cassettes: the selected shrub species strengthen the grove-like nature of the renewed space with their varied leaf shapes and colours.

Before the works, the specialists carried out a complete soil replacement and built a clay water retention layer underneath. This was necessary because under the surface of Blaha Lujza Square there is a dense layer of rubble, which was created during the demolition of the former National Theatre and consists of World War II debris, they wrote.

The trees are planted in the paving around the plant cassettes (Photo: BKK)

According to the plans, the renovation of the square will be completed this year, and the paving of the square, the construction of the public lighting network and the placement of the outdoor furniture are currently taking place. Small sculptures depicting theatre scenes will soon be placed on the plant cassettes, referring to the National Theatre that once stood there.

Not only these will remind people of the theatre: burgundy-coloured public chairs and tables referring to the theatre's former chairs will be placed, and the outline of the demolished building will appear in the cladding.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: Eighty trees are planted on Blaha Lujza Square (Photo: BKK)

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