Blaha Lujza Square

196932_190797_nyitokep.jpg This is how Budapest developed in 2022 - Several public buildings were handed over this year 2022 will almost certainly go down in history with a negative tone, as it was burdened by a series of crises from which Hungary could not extricate itself. Nevertheless, Budapest developed very nicely, many investments were completed this year: several new buildings were completed and many monuments were restored. On the last day of the year, Pestbuda looks back and summarises the events of the year.
The renovated Blaha Lujza Square was handed over - It was announced more than 5,5 years ago, it has now been realised On 10 December, the public could take possession of the renovated Blaha Lujza Square. The transformation of the square named after the "nightingale of the nation" was decided in 2017 by the General Assembly of Budapest, which allocated the necessary funds in March 2018. However, the actual work did not start until June 2021. The space that has just been handed over has turned out to be different in many ways than it was imagined five years ago.
The renovated Blaha Lujza Square to be handed over this year The renovation of Blaha Lujza Square will be completed by the end of the year. The technical handover started on 29 November, there may still be minor repair work, but pedestrians can take possession of the space this year. Eleven small-sized, so-called micro-sculptures were also placed on the seating surface of the plant cassettes. The works present the acting legends of the former People's Theatre then National Theatre in their iconic roles.
Eighty trees are planted on Blaha Lujza Square The planting of trees has begun in Blaha Lujza Square, which is under renovation: a total of eighty new trees are being planted in the boxes previously created for them. In their surroundings, a skeletal soil was built to help the roots grow. It will remind people of the National Theatre, which was demolished and blown up in 1965, that the outline of the building will appear in the paving, and burgundy-coloured public furniture referring to the theatre's former chairs will be placed in the square. The renovation will be completed this year.
The newest pedestrian crossing at Blaha Lujza Square was handed over The intersection of Rákóczi Road and Outer Ring Road can now be crossed freely on the surface in all directions, as the third new pedestrian crossing at the Blaha Lujza Square junction has been completed. The pedestrian crossing is located on Rákóczi Road, on the Erzsébet Bridge side.
Preparations for tree planting in Blaha Lujza Square continue The Budapest Transport Center will plant sixty-one trees soon in the 8th district Blaha Lujza square. Some of them are installed directly on a continuous green surface, others in the cladding using the Stockholm method. This procedure promotes the growth of the roots of urban trees, i.e. improves their living conditions. During the renovation of the square, a water play will be created, among other things, but the construction of the paving and the placement of the furniture will also continue.
The renovation of Blaha Lujza Square continues The preparation of the tree planting continues with the 8th district Blaha Lujza square renovation. The root cells have just arrived, and the trees will be planted by the staff of the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) according to the winter weather. The afforestation will be followed by the construction of paving and the placement of space furniture in the square.
Water intrusion into the metro tunnel: the builders feared that the houses on Rákóczi Road would be endangered Between Astoria and Blaha Lujza Square, in the metro tunnel under construction, but on the already drilled section, a water intrusion took place in 1967, which shocked the people of Budapest and raised questions about the possible safety of the metro. The unexpected sand and water intrusion 55 years ago not only caused alarm among prospective passengers, but also experts feared that the residential buildings on Rákóczi Road could be endangered. After averting the danger, the builders tried to reassure the people of the capital that there would be no need to fear similar accidents in the finished metro tunnel.
Blaha Lujza Square changes, 80 trees will be planted The Blaha Lujza Square, where the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) started planting trees, will be greener overall. Together with the existing and new ones, there will be 89 trees in the square. Among the trees are maple, oak, rowan and a large-leaved linden.
There will be more green spaces and fountains in the renewing Blaha Lujza Square The renovation of one of the busiest public areas in Budapest, Blaha Lujza Square, has started, and the works are expected to last until the end of next year. They increase the green space in the square and increase the accessibility of public transport and built environment.
Renovation of the Pest embankment to on 7 June that of Blaha Lujza Square in early July Two major reconstructions in Budapest will begin this summer. In a week and a half, the renovation of a section of the lower embankment of Pest between Margit Bridge and Parliament will begin. The renovation of Blaha Lujza Square is scheduled to start in July, but according to simpler designs than previously planned.
A blast connected the two tunnels – Tunnels of M2 metro completed 60 years ago Building a metro was no easy feat in 1960s Budapest. During the construction of the M2 line, workers battled liquefied sand and groundwater but also found interesting artefacts, such as the skeleton of a Rhinoceros and a mammoth tooth. The large-scale development project also demanded some sacrifices. The building of the National Theatre was destroyed, and Rókus Hospital almost collapsed – though the latter was eventually saved. The tunnels were built from two different directions. The section built from Keleti Railway Station was connected to another built from Blaha Lujza Square with explosives sixty years ago.
Renovation of Blaha Lujza Square to begin this year Traffic flow around Blaha Lujza Square will be redesigned, creating a pedestrian-friendly space with new trees. The grass-covered areas of the square will increase, and water games added. A unique pavilion for events and cultural purposes will be built. The facade of the Corvin Department Store will also be restored. Work beginning in 2021 will last for roughly one and a half years.
Renovation of Blaha Lujza Square to begin next year: water games and mushroom-shaped fountain planned A mushroom-shaped fountain with three nozzles, 84 burgundy-red chairs, an exposed concrete retaining wall hundreds of metres long, and water games sunk into the pavement will decorate the renovated Blaha Lujza Square, according to the tender announced by BKK. Prospective contractors can submit their offers for the rebuilding of Budapest's busiest squares 15 February 2021. The works will have to be quick, as according to an agreement between the capital and the government state support for the reconstruction of the square can only be accessed until the end of next year.
A Second Hall to Thalia – 145th anniversary of the former Népszínház opening An independent theatre for folk plays that is the Popular Theatre or People's Theatre, Népszínház was opened as a home for the genre which had become popular during the Hungarian National Awakening. The building was completed as a result of an increasingly concerted effort and support from the city. Standing on the present-day Blaha Lujza Square, the structure was designed by the Austrian architects Fellner and Helmer, who were well-known for their theatres. The beautiful building in the eclectic-style was opened with much circumstance on 15 October 1875. The building housed the National Theatre from 1908 and was torn down in the spring of 1965.

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