The technical handover procedure of the renewed Blaha Lujza Square began on 29 November, minor on-site works may still be carried out during the inspection process, after which the reborn meeting place with groves and trees can be taken into possession by those who walk there this year, MTI reports based on the Budapest Transport Centre's (BKK) announcement.

During the technical handover, BKK's specialists, technical inspectors and future management and operating companies thoroughly inspect the area and, if necessary, request repairs. In December, there may still be minor on-site works, but the entire construction of Blaha Lujza Square - together with the related renovation of Somogyi Béla Street - will be completed this year.

The paving was put down (Photo: BKK)

They put down the pavement and planted all the trees, so there are 89 trees in the square, including the already existing ones and the new ones. Furthermore, they completed the planting in the surroundings of the trees planted in the plant cassettes, and the accessible public toilet was put in place as well.

All in all, there are 89 trees on the square (Photo: BKK)

The monument of the National Theatre was restored (Photo: BKK)

Eleven small-sized, so-called micro-sculptures were placed in the renewed space on the seating surface of the plant cassettes. The special works present the acting legends of the former People's Theatre then National Theatre in one of their iconic roles - we can read in the news of MTI.

However, it is not only the sculptures that remind us of the theatre: the square will welcome those who want to relax with burgundy-coloured public seating and tables reminiscent of the seats of the former National Theatre. The outline of the demolished building will appear in the cladding.

The micro-sculptures depict the actors in their roles and costumes (Photo: BKK)

The creation of micro-sculptures was aided by former photos and graphics, which depict the actors in their roles and costumes. The 11 works of art include, for example, small sculptures of Lujza Blaha, Sári Fedák, Vidor Kassai and József Tamássy. More interesting facts about the micro-sculptures and the actors can be read on the information board at the Blaha Lujza Square bus stop, reports MTI.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The renovation of Blaha Lujza Square will be completed this year (Photo: BKK)