Budapest Transport Centre

2021. január 19. 14:00
The public procurement procedure for the renovation of Chain Bridge has been completed. The renovation will begin at the end of February, and the technical handover procedure will be finished by the autumn of 2023.
2021. január 16. 16:00
The planning of the third new stop on the Southern Circular Railroad has begun after the planners were confirmed. The new station will provide an easy transfer to metro and national coach services.
2021. január 10. 18:00
The tram stops at Selmeci Street and Szent Margit Hospital have been completely renovated. The passengers of lines 17, 19 and 41 will now enjoy wheelchair access and safe, protected pedestrian crossings to the completely renewed platforms.
2020. november 7. 09:00
The renovation of the M3 metro line will continue from 7 November. Trains will not serve Stations between Lehel Square and Nagyvárad Square. Changes to urban traffic and public transport are planned to be in place for one and a half years.
2020. október 19. 17:00
Cyclists will be able to board nearly one-third of all trams in Budapest with their bicycles from 17 October.