From Friday afternoon, the Chain Bridge can be used by Budapest Transport Centre (BKK) vehicles, taxis, and people travelling with bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds, MTI reports based on the BKK announcement.

After the loading test that took place in mid-November, the intermediate technical handover process was successfully completed: all the authorities included in the construction permit agreed to put the Chain Bridge into temporary use. "The road is therefore ready to safely receive the vehicles specified in the temporary traffic regulations," they said.

The construction will continue according to the original plans, including the completion of the sidewalks and the underpasses in the bridgeheads, as well as the reconstruction of the historic elements, meaning that the bridge will be a work area until it is fully handed over. Pedestrians are expected to be able to use the bridge after the completion of the final stage of the renovation in the fall of 2023.

A decision on the bridge's final traffic order will be made in the summer of 2023, after seeking the opinion of the people of Budapest. In this way, the citizens of Budapest can make a well-founded decision, after a six-month test period, about the final function of the Chain Bridge in the future, reports MTI.

Pedestrians are not for the time being, but buses, taxis and cyclists can use the Chain Bridge again from 16 December (Photo: BKK)

According to the temporary traffic rules, people driving private vehicles cannot go on the bridge, they are warned about this by the no-entry sign.

They also announced: more than 20 per cent more capacity than before will be provided to those who cross the Chain Bridge with public transport: bus number 16 coming from Széll Kálmán Square and the Castle will once again run to Deák Ferenc Square; a new bus line runs with the number 216 between Deák Ferenc Square and Dísz Square with modern, high-capacity Mercedes vehicles; and the 105 buses that were temporarily diverted to the Erzsébet Bridge will once again run on the Chain Bridge, ensuring a faster connection between the Pest and Buda sides.

In Pest, the 178 buses will continue to run to the Gyöngyösi Street terminus but via the Chain Bridge instead of Erzsébet Bridge like the 105 buses. The night bus routes 916 and 990 will run again on the Chain Bridge from Friday to Saturday, and will not touch the Erzsébet Bridge.

The renovation of the Chain Bridge began in the spring of 2021 and is being carried out by A-Híd Zrt.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The Chain Bridge will be opened on Friday: it can be used again by buses, taxis, motorbikes and bicycles (Photo: BKK)