Specialists are already painting the railings and monument elements that will return to the sidewalks of the Chain Bridge in the coming months, the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK) says in its announcement. Until the handover, the bridge will remain a work area, and it will be possible to cross it on foot after the final stage of the renovation is completed, presumably in the fall of 2023. Until then, people can travel with BKK buses between Clark Ádám Square and Széchenyi István Square in both directions - free of charge, they added.

Until the handover, the Chain Bridge is a work area, it is planned to be opened for pedestrians in the fall of 2023 (Photo: BKK)

It is also reported that the renovation of the Chain Bridge is mainly progressing with workshop work during the winter: a significant part of the 704 metres of railing structure has been remanufactured due to damage caused by rust. Specialists install these on the sidewalks in smaller pieces - containing three saltires - so that the railing system can follow the movement of the bridge. Castings and steel elements placed on the railing posts are first cleaned and then provided with a three-layer coating system, thus ensuring their protection against rusting.

Specialists are already painting the railings and decorations that will return to the bridge's sidewalks in the coming months (Photo: BKK)

They say that before applying the cover layer matching the blue-grey colour of the Chain Bridge, the specialists seal the connections between the metal parts to prevent moisture from entering the structure. The railings are being manufactured and painted continuously, and are scheduled to be installed in mid-February.

Meanwhile, the decorative parapets of the Chain Bridge have already been prepared for painting: 20 old parapets have been marked so that they can be returned to their original place. They are carefully restored, and then their surface is polished after repair. During the renovation, 8 curved parapet castings were newly manufactured - based on archival photos - to match the appearance of the Chain Bridge in 1914-1915.

Monumental elements are being restored (Photo: BKK)

Soon, the cast iron brackets will also be in place on the Buda pylon, their basic structure and decorations are already painted and waiting to be assembled and - depending on the water level - lifted from a floating structure into place at the end of February. The Pest consoles were already put back on the pylon last year.

In the announcement, it is mentioned that the renewed road was opened last December - 18 months after it was completely closed - to people using BKK vehicles, taxis, bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds.

By the end of the program, the paving of the sidewalks will be completed, the renovation of the internal bridge spaces and underpasses will be completed, the missing monument elements, the cast parapets, brackets, sidewalk chandeliers and the stone surfaces below the track level will be restored, decorative lighting with variable colours will be installed, and a pedestrian crossing will be established at the Pest bridgehead between its northern and southern sidewalks, BKK says in its announcement.

Source: BKK

Cover photo: The railings of the Chain Bridge are already being painted (Photo: BKK)