The planning of the third new stop on the Southern Circular Railroad has begun after the planners were confirmed — the Budapest Fejlesztési Központ Zrt. (BFK – 'Budapest development centre') and the Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. (NIF – National Infrastructure Development Company) announced to the MTI on Friday.

The station's primary goal is to create a transfer option between train lines with suburban stops and the M3 metro or facilitate the change of travellers arriving in Budapest by coach to national rail services. In the future, the lines may also connect to Liszt Ferenc International Airport.


Planning of the third station of the new Southern Circular Railroad has begun, visual (Source: Budapest Fejlesztési Központ)

The announcement highlighted that the new platforms would be placed to the east of the new railway overpass, and be easily accessible from Népliget, nearby housing estates, office blocks, tram line 3, and the new handball stadium.

The BFK and NIF requested preliminary designs from three design studios. The final design was chosen from these. Following the decision, architects from Paragram Studió and SporaArchitects will design the new railway station under the guidance of Főmterv, which is responsible for planning the railway line in the area.

A convenient route for passenger transfers will be created, visual (Source: Budapest Development Centre)

The design will have to fit into the aesthetically demanding area and create a convenient transfer route for passengers switching between different transport modes.

The aim is to allow passengers to transfer from train to metro using a covered promenade as soon as possible. A new entrance is being created at the Ecseri út station of the M3 metro closer to the city centre to facilitate this.

The continuation of the promenade on the other side of the railway will also serve as the new entrance to Népliget, visual (Source: Budapest Development Centre)

Platforms will be built to the northeast of Üllői Road, and their northeastern end will be closest to the metro and tram line 3. Connections to buses will serve local housing estates. The promenade will also serve as an entrance to Népliget, while the southwestern end of the platforms will connect to the new sports stadium and the bus station at Népliget.

Source: MTI | Abridged in translation

Cover photo: Planning of Népliget Railway Station begins (Source: Budapest Development Centre)