As part of the renovation of Blaha Lujza Square, the staff of the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) is currently preparing for further wood planting. The root cells have arrived, which will help the roots of the trees in the timber grid to grow, and at the same time serve as a suitable substructure for the paving. The trees planted in this way will grow faster and, due to their better living conditions, will be larger, more beautiful and healthier than their counterparts planted in compacted subsoil, the Budapest Transport Center writes in a statement.

Some of the trees were planted in the middle of November (photo:

Tree planting is planned for the winter weather, followed by the construction of paving and the placement of outdoor furniture. It is not possible to build a cover or plant a plant at temperatures below freezing. Work under the open sky can be resumed if the weather forecast is already easing even at night, because despite the good weather during the day, if the night freezes, the work done so far will be wasted, the company writes.

A total of 80 trees will be placed on the square, some of which were planted in November, as we wrote about it . Two oak trees have already been transplanted from Tabán to the square, and the Mushroom Fountain, which has been operating since the 1960s, was restored in November. The monument of the National Theater is being restored. There are three larger plant cassettes that can also be used as a seat, as well as a water game that will be shot from the cover of the space.

The monument of the National Theater was delivered to the restoration workshop in November (photo:

Unique bicycle racks will be installed, the utility network under the space will be upgraded, and the rainwater drainage and street lighting will be renewed. In addition, the insulation of the underpass will be renewed, the track structure of the Rákóczi road - Outer Ring Road junction will be rebuilt, and three new pedestrian crossings will be established at the intersection. After the reconstruction, new paving signs will be painted and new TRAFFIC signs will be placed.


Cover photo: The renovation of Blaha Lujza Square continues with the preparation of the planting (photo: Both Balázs /