197824_fortepan_128915_1_.jpg The Chain Bridge was closed 50 years ago as well The Chain Bridge was closed 50 years ago as well, as after its reconstruction in 1949, it needed to be renovated again. The works were timed for the 100th anniversary of the unification of Pest, Buda and Óbuda. The old painting had to be removed from a surface of 73,000 square metres, but at that time the 1949 coat of arms was also replaced with the version current in 1973.
Gilded metro station in Ferenciek Square The Ferenciek Square metro station will open soon, where passengers will encounter a sight completely different from what they were used to before. The traditional orange colour remained on the underpass level, but those arriving by the escalator will be greeted by a golden station. The colours and graphic motifs refer to the Franciscan order that gave the space its name.
The renovated Blaha Lujza Square was handed over - It was announced more than 5,5 years ago, it has now been realised On 10 December, the public could take possession of the renovated Blaha Lujza Square. The transformation of the square named after the "nightingale of the nation" was decided in 2017 by the General Assembly of Budapest, which allocated the necessary funds in March 2018. However, the actual work did not start until June 2021. The space that has just been handed over has turned out to be different in many ways than it was imagined five years ago.
This is how the Chain Bridge was load tested On Saturday, 12 November, the load-bearing of the Chain Bridge was tested with 24 20-tonne trucks. Based on the primary data, the crossing passed well.
Interior of the St. Joseph Parish Church has been renovated The renovation of the St. Joseph Parish Church in the 8th District, Horváth Mihály Square, has been completed. After the renovation of the facade, the reconstruction of the interior of the church was also completed this year.
The building of Semmelweis University in Ferenc square is being renovated As part of the Healthy Budapest Program, the building of Semmelweis University in Ferenc Square will be expanded and renovated. During the investment, the historicist-style educational building in Ferencváros will be enriched with an elevator.
Renovation of the Art Gallery may begin soon One of the wedges of Heroes' Square, the Art Gallery designed by Albert Schickedanz, will soon be renewed. The first phase of the renovation of the building, completed for the Millennium Exhibition in 1896, is the restoration of the façade, for which a heritage protection permit has recently been obtained.
The widened underpasses of the Chain Bridge are ready The Chain Bridge is being renovated: the underpasses at the ends of the bridges are ready, which will be widened during the works, so in the future both pedestrians and cyclists will be able to fit side by side on both the Pest and Buda sides. At the same time, the suspension spindles of the bridge are being examined.
The Chapel of the Holy Blood in Óbuda has been renovated The more than two-hundred-year-old Chapel of the Holy Blood in Kiscell has been renovated. Among other things, the building received a new roof structure, a tower and modern lighting, and the chapel was enriched with a new altarpiece and statues, the gate of which can be seen through the newly opened openings even if it is closed.
Witness of the Turkish Era - The renovation of the Király Bath is still pending One of the most emblematic surviving buildings of the Turkish era in Budapest, the Király Bath, which is still closed, has been awaiting renovation for some time. Renovation work has not yet begun, although a call for ideas was launched in 2017 and the best design was selected, but the actual conversion work will take some time. The building was last completely renovated in the 1950s. Since then, there have been more or less restoration works, but today we find the bath in a very bad condition, the history of which dates back to the time of the Turkish occupation.
The Chain Bridge was completely renovated 35 years ago, but the Kádár coat of arms was not replaced The Chain Bridge was last renovated in 1986–1988 before the current reconstruction, and the crossing was closed to cars on 1 March 1987. The renovation affected almost every part of the bridge, which was already in extremely poor condition at the time: the rusty chains as well as the stone surfaces and ornaments of the gates and the structure of the roadway. Although the Hungarian coat of arms with a crown-laurel wreath was already adorned on the candelabras, the idea of exchanging the coats of arms of Kádár on the pylons had to wait for years.
The renovation of the Salt House on Fővám Square continues The 9th district Sóház renovation is continuing. Restoration of the south wing of the building used by Corvinus University has already begun last year, with more work being done in the north wing this year. The building behind the Main Customs House, designed by Miklós Ybl, will restore the main gates, the façade, the classrooms, the buzzer, the machinery and the electrical system.
The building of the Márton Áron Vocational College in Budapest was modernized The 518-seat building of the Márton Áron Vocational College was renovated in the 3rd district Kunigunda road. The institution was placed under the management of Eötvös Loránd University in 2016, and in that year the government decided on the HUF 15 billion renovation. The first element of this is the modernization of the now handed over dormitory. In recent years, there have been improvements and modernizations in all ELTE colleges.
The neo-renaissance complex of the University of Veterinary Medicine is being renewed The building complex of the University of Veterinary Medicine, designed by Imre Steindl and decorated with majolica Zsolnay and lead glass by Miksa Róth, will be renewed. The buildings on Rottenbiller Street, completed in 1881 and now home to one of the oldest veterinary training universities in Europe, are being restored to conservation standards. As part of this, the red brick masonry, the roof structures, the windows and the cladding will be restored, but the mechanical and electrical systems of the buildings will also be renewed.
Markusovszky Square in Ferencváros can be renewed With resting benches, a new playground and a dog runner you can renew district Markusovszky Square, under which a 120-space underground garage can be built, but fifty trees will also be planted in the area, where the green area will also be increased. A comprehensive concept plan has been prepared for the development of the 9,000-square-meter space, and the visual plans are shown.
The renovated Opera House will reopen in March After a break of five seasons, the Hungarian State Opera House on Andrássy street will reopen on 12 March, now completely renewed. During the large-scale restoration and modernization, the facade of the Neo-Renaissance palace designed by Miklós Ybl was restored, the stage technology was modernized, the acoustics were improved, the orchestral trench was remodeled, and the public utility network of the Opera House was replaced. The house will open with a festive concert under the direction of Domác Plácido, Ádám Medveczky, Gergely Kesselyák and Balázs Kocsár.
The renovation of Blaha Lujza Square continues The preparation of the tree planting continues with the 8th district Blaha Lujza square renovation. The root cells have just arrived, and the trees will be planted by the staff of the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) according to the winter weather. The afforestation will be followed by the construction of paving and the placement of space furniture in the square.
The Budavár Cable Car awaits the passengers renewed The Budavár Cable Car, which connects the banks of the Danube with the Buda Castle since 1870, has been renewed. The car of Margit and Gellért, a railway registered as part of the world heritage, received a new wood trim, and the windows and doors were replaced. During the overhaul, the safety equipment was refurbished and the tracks were also restored. The shuttle runs every day from 8 am to 10 pm.
The renovation of the Sipeki Balás villa designed by Ödön Lechner is progressing spectacularly, the new part of the building is ready for construction The complete reconstruction of the Art Nouveau villa, built between 1905 and 1907 on Hermina road, now the headquarters of the Hungarian National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (MVGYOSZ), began in the spring of 2021. Part of the work is the refurbishment of the roof, the renovation of the 2,700-square-meter plaster under restoration supervision, but the hall's unique fireplace and stairs, decorated with bluish eosin-glazed tiles, and the artificial stone elements of the façade, are regaining their old splendor. The new part of the building, which was demolished next to the villa and was erected on the site of an outbuilding in the 1970s, has already reached its finished state.
The renovated Bakát Square was handed over The renovation of the main square of Ferencváros, Bakáts square, has been completed. The development of the space was initiated in 2016 by the 9th district local council, and by 2018 the plans were born and the implementation was prepared by the experts on behalf of the local council Plants, benches, chess and mill tables and drinking wells were installed on the square formed in the 19th century.
Endre Ady's former home in the city center has been renovated On 18 January, the renovated Ady Memorial Museum will open at 4-6 Veres Pálné Street, 5th District. The last home of Endre Ady, which today is a branch of the Petőfi Literary Museum as a memorial museum, awaits those interested with more friendly public spaces, a renewed exhibition, new museum pedagogical sessions and a series of programs.
They will save the memories of the past: the Jókai Garden and the Steindl Villa will be renovated The construction of the new visitor center may begin soon in the 12th district, in the Költő street Jókai garden. Part of the work is the renovation and extension of the now ruined Villa Steindl and the refurbishment of the historic garden. Natural history exhibitions, employment and lecture halls will be set up in the halls of the villa, and additional reception spaces will be created with the expansion of the building.
The building of the ELTE Trefort Garden Campus is being renovated During the large-scale restoration and remodeling, a hall, lecture halls, new levels and green roofs will be built in the building of the Trefort Garden Campus of ELTE in the 8th district Pushkin street. Loránd Eötvös worked and conducted his experiments in a house designed by Antal Szkalnitzky, one of the most significant architects of the settlement age, where the Institute of Physiology and the Institute of Medical Chemistry operated for sixty years.
The Chapel of St. Augustine in Újpipótváros was renovated The Chapel of St. Augustine of the Order of Premontre in Újlipótváros was renovated, originally built in 1950 from the former coal cellar of the building at 14 Pozsonyi road. The chapel was blessed at Mass on Sunday by Zoltán Márton Fazakas, abbot of Premontre in Csorna, who spoke of the fact that the chapel was like a catacomb for many decades, where people could only conceal their faith.
The renovation of Bakáts Square can be completed by the beginning of next year The renovation of the main square of Ferencváros, Bakáts tér, was initiated in 2016 by the 9th district government. Plans were made for 2018 and implementation was also prepared, but after the 2019 elections, the program was rethought, so work began only this year. The square was formed in the 19th century in Inner Ferencváros, where plants, benches, a drinking fountain, mill and chess tables are also installed.
The new communal areas of the parish of St. Margaret in Lehel Square were inaugurated The new communal spaces of the Catholic parish of St. Margaret's were inaugurated in Lehel Square, in the 13th district. The communal areas were designed from a former parishioner's apartment in a condominium near a neo-Romanesque church consecrated in 1933.
Endre Ady's downtown home is being renovated - Today the poet's former apartment is a museum The Ady Memorial Museum on Veres Pálné Street is being renovated, where the poet lived between 1917 and 1919 with his wife, Berta Boncza. In the three-room apartment, the spaces will be renovated and a new room will be created for museum pedagogical classes.
Here are the first visual plans for the restoration of the Buda Castle A detailed technical, architectural, artistic and functional survey of the Buda Castle has been completed, thanks to which the experts now know exactly the transformations after the Second World War. At the same time, planning for the complete restoration of the building complex began. The first visual designs have now been completed, led by Robert Gutowski.
The 300-year-old facade of the Pest City Hall is being renovated Városháza Street 9-11 will be renewed. The façade of the building under this number will be renovated The local council of Budapest announced a tender for the renovation of the facade of the Town Hall in 2018, the plans were completed in 2019.
Blaha Lujza Square changes, 80 trees will be planted The Blaha Lujza Square, where the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) started planting trees, will be greener overall. Together with the existing and new ones, there will be 89 trees in the square. Among the trees are maple, oak, rowan and a large-leaved linden.

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