Two more city centre stations of the M3 line will be connected to metro traffic in January, BKV announced on its website, which also presented the designers' concept of the Ferenciek Square station. Here, the brown and gold colours dominate the passenger space, and the graphic elements refer to the legend of Saint Francis.

On the underpass level of the reimagined station, the orange colour that has been used for more than forty years has remained, preserving the memory of the past, but when descending the escalator, at a depth of 28 metres, people can encounter a completely new visual world. The architects chose colours and graphic motifs for the platform level referring to the Franciscan order that gives the name to the urban square on the surface.

The contrast of brown and gold colours defines the renovated metro station on Ferenciek Square (Source:

"The contrast between the subdued, slightly self-effacing brown and the brilliant gold defines the look. The raw steel columns further enrich the aesthetics of the space, while at the same time fitting in with the line's functionalist tradition. The paving of the track area is designed with a graphic image that relates to the movement that is at the heart of the station, at once abstract, airy and serene, yet subtly evocative of the legend of St Francis." - described the designers' concept.

Pastel-coloured benches were placed in the passenger space (Source:

The designers of the station are Zsolt Kosztolányi and András Klopp, the design team included Kamilla Réti and Boglárka Somogyi in the creation of the bird motif.

Source: BKV

Cover photo: Golden colour and bird motif also appear at the renewed Ferenciek Square metro station (Source: