The underpasses at the Buda and Pest bridges of the Lánchíd under renovation are already ready for construction - according to the news published on the website of the Budapest Transport Center (BKK). As it is written, after the concreting, iron installation and insulation works, the specialists have already started laying the electrical protection pipes under the pavement in the underpass at the Buda bridgehead.

Tram underpasses at bridgeheads widened to make them more visible and safer (Photo: BKK)

The cross-sections of the tram underpasses on the Pest and Buda sides have been significantly changed, the previously circular crossings have become more rectangular as a result of the conversion. At the same time, they have become more spacious, thus more predictable and safer.

The pedestrian underpass on the Pest side and the bicycle underpass on the Buda side have also been widened (Photo: BKK)

In addition, the previously three-meter-wide underpass of the Buda bridgehead was widened to four meters. The pedestrian underpass on the Pest side was widened to more than four meters. As a result, after the renovation, pedestrians will be able to travel on the Buda side, while cyclists will be able to travel in the underpass at the Pest end. As can be seen in the news published on the BKK website, after the introduction of the protective pipes, the electrical installation and architectural works can start. A bark panel covering will be placed on the side walls of the subways.

If necessary, the old ones will be replaced with re-manufactured reels according to the original plans (Photo: BKK)

In parallel, the examination of the suspension spindles is progressing. Their role is particularly important, as they connect the suspension bars coming off the chains to the crossmembers of the bridge. During the renovation, the experts selected the items to be taken out and examined them with the help of experts from the Budapest University of Technology. Where appropriate, old reels will be replaced with new ones manufactured as planned. The inspection of the spindles (more precisely, their removal and then their replacement) requires a great deal of care, as such an element carries a load of 10-12 tonnes and care must be taken not to change the load on the rods, according to BKK.

Source: Budapest Transport Center

Cover photo: The underpasses at the end of the Chain Bridge are ready (Photo: BKK)