The new communal spaces of the Catholic parish of St. Margaret's were inaugurated in the 13th district, which was formed from a former parishioner's apartment in the immediate vicinity of the church, the MTI reported on 9 December.

According to the report, three communal rooms, a meeting room, two offices, a kitchen, a guest room and a bathroom were created from the first floor of the former parish apartment at 34 Váci street. The new parish of about 210 square meters, now open, is now fully available to the community.

The new communal rooms of the parish of St. Margaret were built from the first parish apartment of the first floor of the condominium next to the church, at 34 Váci street (Photo:

The new community space is made functional and yet elegant by great interior design. The three common areas can be opened together thanks to the soundproof mobile walls, so up to 85 people can comfortably sit in the modern, air-conditioned great hall for a larger event, they wrote.

The place and its users were blessed by Cardinal Péter Erdő, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest. The chief pastor spoke, among others, of the sacramental effect of the communal life of the church outside the liturgy. “This community also connects us with the Father and the Son,” he said.

Cardinal Péter Erdő blessed the new community space of the St. Margaret's Catholic Parish(Photo: Attila Kovács / MTI)

Péter Erdő emphasized that Catholics need to show their togetherness in more and more areas of life, which requires getting to know each other, and community spaces help to do this.

Miklós Soltész, Secretary of State for Church and Ethnic Relations at the Prime Minister's Office, said that they were building communities and that they wanted to create communities in the future. This space also serves a community, he added. He said that St. Margaret’s Church and Parish is great for serving the local community, as well as attracting many non-district youth. He also talked about the renovation of the community halls and churches in connection with the International Eucharistic Congress held in Budapest this year.

Archbishop László Monostori, the parish governor, thanked the archdiocese, the Hungarian government and the district local council for their help in creating the community space.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: In the immediate vicinity of the church of St. Margaret, the new communal spaces were transformed from the former parish apartment (Photo: