At the same time as the renovation of Blaha Lujza Square, the BKK Centre for Budapest Transport established a total of three new pedestrian crossings. The third of these was created on 7 September, so the intersection of Rákóczi Road and Outer Ring Road can be crossed on the surface in all directions without obstacles, reports

New pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Rákóczi Road and Outer Ring Road (Photo: BKK Centre for Budapest Transport)

The new pedestrian crossing is located in the branch of the Blaha Lujza Square intersection towards Erzsébet Bridge, it leads through Rákóczi Road. The other two, on the Erzsébet Boulevard and Eastern (Keleti) railway station (Rákóczi út) branches of the intersection, were completed at the end of March.

As they write, the new pedestrian crossings were built with a central island, and new traffic lights help traffic. With the modernisation of the square, people in all four branches will be able to use accessible pedestrian crossings with sound signals, thanks to the three new crossings, as well as the crossing that already existed on József Boulevard (leading to the stops of trams 4 and 6). Accessibility is also supported by the installation of tactile pavement and the design of modern street lighting. They also started to place outdoor furniture in the square.

There are a total of four pedestrian crossings at Blaha Lujza Square (Source: BKK Centre for Budapest Transport)

The entire construction is expected to be completed this year, together with the renovation of Blaha Lujza Square, reports

Cover photo: The newest pedestrian crossing at Blaha Lujza Square has been completed (Photo: BKK Centre for Budapest Transport)