The renovation of Blaha Lujza Square is underway, according to the contract, the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) writes in its statement. A total of 80 trees will be planted in the square, some of them in a cohesive green surface and the rest in the pavement with a complete soil replacement and an underground irrigation system. In a large part of the space - in the vicinity of the trees - paving stones with a permeable grout and substructure are built.

In preparation for tree planting, the formation of an artificial framework has now begun. The purpose of this is to help the roots of the trees entering the timber truss to grow and to serve as a suitable substructure for the paving.

The ground is being prepared for planting trees (photo:

In the process, a clay aquifer is first placed deep in the ground to ensure the trees survive. This layer of crushed stone is spread and nutrient-rich, high-quality arable land is washed into the gaps. The globe trees are planted in the topsoil above the crushed stone layer, and a load-bearing but water-permeable crushed stone substructure is placed under the cover.

The poor growth of urban trees is usually due to the compaction of the soil layer under the cover, which is poor in oxygen and water. However, trees planted in artificial framework soil, ie the Stockholm tree planting system, will grow faster and, due to their better living conditions, will be larger, more beautiful and healthier than their counterparts planted in compacted subsoil. This is because the crushed stone layer does not allow the nutrient-rich soil to compact, the roots of the trees find enough nutrients, oxygen and support between the gaps.

Incidentally, this method was first used last summer in Budapest during a timber plant on Béla Bartók út.

Some of the timber is planted using the Stockholm method (photo:

As we have reported , the first phase of work began last November, so far 19 trees have been planted in the large plant cassette and another 61 trees will be planted this spring, almost 50 of them using the Stockholm method.

Nine of the old trees were saved by the professionals. According to the BKK announcement, the construction of the pavements and the placement of the space furniture will continue in the spring, in the weather suitable for the planting, as well as the completion of the bus stops and the corresponding space pavements. In addition, a water play will be built from the pavement of the square, public chairs and tables referring to the former chairs of the National Theater will be placed, there will be an accessible public toilet, and three new pedestrian crossings will be established at the intersection.


Cover photo: 61 trees will be planted in the square soon (photo: