At its meeting on Wednesday, the Budapest General Assembly declared the Danube bank in Nagytétény protected. The decision affects the 22nd district, the M0 ring road extends from the Danube bank section from the Ferenc Deák bridge to the administrative border of Érd. There is a total of about 4.7 kilometers of floodplain, a significant part of which is a floodplain forest, but also the Danube meadow, which is of outstanding value, as well as a small bay, which is a significant wetland. The 53-hectare area is one of the last natural sections of the Danube bank in Budapest.

One of the last natural Danube sections of the capital (Photo: Main Garden)

Representatives of the capital unanimously declared the coastal area a protected natural area of local significance. The mayor of Budafok-Tétény evaluated the decision of the general meeting in a video today.

Ferenc Karsay said that the declaration of protection means that Budapest is now responsible for enforcing the rules concerning the protected area, and that the capital has a nature conservation network.

" I am a little afraid that this area could reach the fate of the Tétényi plateau as well," said the mayor, as the Tétényi plateau has a similar legal status, and Budapest's capital oversees the protection there, we take out the rubbish because the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements prefer to use certain parts of the landfill ”.

There is no bicycle path in the area and no port on the Danube (Photo: Main Garden)

The mayor's video revealed that the protected bank of the Danube in Nagytétény could still be used for dog walking, and biological mosquito control was also allowed by the capital's decree. On the other hand, he thinks it's unfortunate that a bike path can't be built here.

The other disadvantage of the designation is that it is not possible to build a boathouse or a bicycle rest area in the area. But one of the biggest pains, according to Ferenc Karsay, is that it is not possible to create a permanent berth for ships and small boats either. "Any change compared to the current circumstances is prohibited," the mayor added, who, as a member of the Metropolitan Assembly, himself voted in favor of declaring it protected. But he received a promise from the capital that the decision would be reviewed in the light of experience, if necessary.

Cover photo: One of the sections of the Danube bank in Nagytétény (Photo: Main Garden)