192944_nagytetenyi-dunapart-2-1030x687.jpg The bank of the Danube in Nagytétény was declared protected On the 4.7-kilometer-long bank of the Danube in Nagytétény, which has been declared a protected natural area, dogs can still be walked and mosquito repellent is free, but it is not possible to build a bike path and bicycle rest, build a boat house and a permanent berth for boats and small boats.
The 22nd district Tétény meadow family park construction started In the area around the Swabian Memorial in Nagytétény, in the shade of the existing trees, a leisure place will be created, where the new family park will have something for everyone, from the smallest to the largest. There will be playgrounds for various ages, an outdoor gym, a football and beach volleyball court, but there will also be a fenced dog run and a toboggan run.
Running track added to Rózsakert Sport Centre A sport-focused development in Budafok-Tétény has been completed. A running track has been added to the Rózsakerti Sports Centre and an ice skating tent is also being set up.
Magdolna Udvar completed – Cultural institution opens in old Budafok town hall The new cultural institution in Budafok will house a local history museum and several exhibition spaces. A café will open in the inner courtyard, the new Atrium. One of the rooms in the former town hall building will be a so-called visual warehouse, in which objects can be taken in hand.
After 77 years a new Secondary School of the Reformed Church is opened in Budapest The new building complex of the Rózsakerti Demjén István Reformed Primary and Secondary School in the 22nd District was inaugurated through a thanksgiving service, with Viktor Orbán, prime minister, attending. A belfry was also built alongside the school. The bell is decorated with a map of historical Hungary to symbolise the unity of the Hungarian people. The event is made al the more significant by the fact that the last new Reformed Secondary School built in the capital was opened in 1943, 77 years ago on Lónyay Street in the 9th District.

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